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Zach Bryan emerges as a rising sensation in the realm of country music. With his raw, emotional lyrics and soulful voice, he has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. But one song, in particular, has stood out among the rest – “Something in the Orange”. In this article, we’ll dive into the meaning behind this powerful song and why it has resonated with so many listeners.

Who is Zach Bryan?

Before we delve into the meaning behind “Something in the Orange”, let’s first get to know the man behind the music – Zach Bryan.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Bryan grew up listening to country music and playing guitar. He started writing songs at a young age and continued to hone his craft while serving in the military. After his service, he began sharing his music on social media, gaining a loyal following and catching the attention of record labels.

Bryan’s music is often described as raw and authentic, with lyrics that touch on themes of love, loss, and life’s struggles. He has quickly become a fan favorite in the country music scene, with his debut album “DeAnn” reaching number one on the iTunes country charts.

The Inspiration Behind “Something in the Orange”

Zach Bryan performing

“Something in the Orange” is a track off of Bryan’s debut album “DeAnn”. The song was written by Bryan himself and is a deeply personal and emotional piece.

In an interview, Bryan revealed that the song was inspired by his own experiences with addiction and the struggles he faced while trying to overcome it. He explained that the “orange” in the song represents the pills he used to take, and the “something” is the feeling of emptiness and numbness that came with it.

The song is a reflection of Bryan’s journey to sobriety and the realization that there was something missing in his life that he was trying to fill with drugs. It’s a powerful and honest look at the destructive nature of addiction and the strength it takes to overcome it.

The Lyrics and Their Meaning

The lyrics of “Something in the Orange” are hauntingly beautiful and paint a vivid picture of Bryan’s struggles with addiction. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key lines and their meaning.

“I’ve been chasing something in the orange, something that I can’t seem to find”

This line sets the tone for the entire song, with Bryan admitting that he has been searching for something in the pills he takes, but it always seems to elude him.

“I’ve been chasing something in the orange, something that’s been on my mind”

Here, Bryan acknowledges that the pills have consumed his thoughts and have become a constant presence in his life.

“I’ve been chasing something in the orange, something that I can’t leave behind”

This line speaks to the hold that addiction can have on a person, making it difficult to break free from its grasp.

“I’ve been chasing something in the orange, something that I can’t seem to kill”

Bryan’s use of the word “kill” here is significant, as it shows the destructive nature of addiction and how it can consume a person’s life.

“I’ve been chasing something in the orange, something that I can’t seem to feel”

This final line is a powerful realization that the pills have numbed Bryan’s emotions and left him feeling empty.

The Impact of “Something in the Orange”

Orange pills

“Something in the Orange” has struck a chord with listeners all over the world. Its raw and honest lyrics have resonated with those who have struggled with addiction or know someone who has.

The song has also sparked important conversations about the opioid epidemic and the devastating effects it has had on individuals and communities. Bryan’s willingness to share his own experiences has helped to break the stigma surrounding addiction and has given hope to those who are struggling.

Other Notable Songs by Zach Bryan

While “Something in the Orange” may be the most well-known song by Zach Bryan, it is certainly not the only one worth listening to. Here are a few other notable songs by the rising country star:

  • “Condemned”
  • “Crooked Teeth”
  • “Heading South”
  • “Revival”
  • “November Air”

Each of these songs showcases Bryan’s unique storytelling ability and his ability to connect with listeners on a deep level.

In Conclusion

Zach Bryan’s “Something in the Orange” is a powerful and emotional song that has touched the hearts of many. Its honest lyrics and raw emotion make it a standout track on his debut album “DeAnn”. Through this song, Bryan has opened up important conversations about addiction and has given hope to those who are struggling. As he continues to make his mark in the country music scene, we can’t wait to see what other powerful songs he has in store for us.

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