Everything Car Owners Should Know About A Dash Cam

A dash cam, also called a dashboard camera, is a helpful device that is mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard, windscreen, or rear-view mirror. The key feature and purpose of a dash cam is to record every detail that takes place on the road. The footage recorded by the dash cam is stored on a memory card or other removable devices. This footage can be very helpful to the car owner or driver when needed. 

Here is a small guide on dash cams for car owners and why they should install one in their cars. 

1. Various Features Of A Dash Cam

Dash cams have various features that are unfamiliar to many people. Dash cams provide loop recording, GPS to measure your precise location and speed time, G-sensors, parking protection, wide-angle lenses, and emergency recordings. All these features can be a source of valuable evidence for insurance companies in case of any accidents.

2. Security Benefits 

Car theft is increasing daily and is a huge threat to the people owning vehicles. Installing a dash cam in your car provides you with many security benefits. It offers a secure and protective layer against theft and incidents on roads. Dash cams are an easy and cost-effective way to increase the security of your vehicles. 

3. Evidence For Road Accidents And Insurance Claims 

Dash cams provide all the necessary evidence to the police and car insurers. Now whether the driver is the victim or not, a dashcam can provide all the cold hard evidence to the police and the insurance companies to come up with fair judgments.

4. Things To Consider Before Buying A Dash Cam

There are many things you need to know and consider before you buy a good dash cam. A dash cam will work for the safety and security of your vehicle. You must consider choosing a good-quality Dashcam. You must consider the cost, image quality, battery, storage space, GPS functionality, and most importantly the company that manufactures the device. There are many dash cams manufacturers such as reliable dash cams by Autobarn, MVI Auto, Samsara, and many other well-known companies. 

5. How Much Does A Dash Cam Cost? 

The cost of a dash cam depends on the model, features, and manufacturer. A dash can cost anywhere between $30-$500 or even more. The price of dash cams varies as it also depends on what features you expect to get from your dash cams. A budget dashcam can offer features like loop recording, G-sensor, and night vision. Whereas the premium dash cams come with advanced features like GPS tracking, higher resolution image and video recording, more storage, and advanced durability.


Overall when you are considering buying a dash cam it’s important to weigh the costs compared with the overall benefits that it provides. Ensure that you make a proper decision while investing in a dash cam that aligns with your car’s safety and security requirements. Installing a dash cam will not only provide you peace of mind but it could also save you money if you ever want to file an insurance claim due to any road accident or car theft issues.

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