Gravel Pea Gravel Uses, Components & Alternatives

For homeowners, nowadays gravel pea gravel is becoming a popular material choice. However, many of them get confused regarding what the material is about. So they confuse it with crushed stone, however, both of them are different. Crushed stone is typically larger than this, is coarser to the touch, and is available only in white or grey. 

On the other hand, pea gravel or pea shingle consists of small stones with rounded edges that become smooth due to natural weathering. The stones are also very small, usually around 6-10mm, and come in a range of colors. This includes negravel pea gravelutral colors like grey-brown along with vibrant colors like pink and blue. Well, it tends to be chosen over crushed stone for landscaping projects due to its appealing aesthetic. So in today’s article, we shall discuss some of the interesting aspects of pea gravel. Let’s take a glance!

What Do You Mean By Pea Gravel?

As we said earlier, pea gravel or pea shingle consists of small stones with rounded edges that become smooth due to natural weathering. Well, the stones are very small around the size of 6-10 mm, and come in a range of colors. This is mainly due to its appealing aesthetic. Some of its common applications include flower bed landscaping and driveways and walkways. 

It is formed naturally and usually found near water bodies, where the water has eroded river rocks over time into smooth, pea-sized pebbles. This gives them their trademark texture. Now that we have an idea about what it is, let us look into the uses of it in the next section. 

What Do You Mean By Pea Gravel?
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What Are The Uses Of Pea Gravel?

It can be used for a variety of purposes and one of the reasons why people might prefer using it is because it is inexpensive. Moreover, it is also very easy to install and maintain. Simply raking the stones into place will make this stone look as good as new. So without further ado, let us look into the uses of this…

1. Landscaping

As we said earlier, it is very common due to its colorful tones and smooth texture. So it can be a fantastic accompaniment to various landscaping projects around flower beds etc. 

2. Driveways

Since it is highly durable and facilitates good drainage, it is very easy to maintain. This property makes it a solid choice for driveways. 

3. Walkways

It is due to its smooth surfaces and rounded edges, it can be quite an attractive and safe walkway material. This provides a satisfying crunch underfoot. Well, it is because of this that pea gravel has become a popular choice for constructing walkways. So if you are still considering whether or not to use it, you can make up your mind now. 

4. Base For Paving Stones

It is due to its small size and natural strength, pea gravel can form a solid foundation under the paving stones. At the same time, you can place it around plants to prevent weed growth and retain moisture. This makes it a good choice of mulching material. 

5. House Borders

Do you know pea gravel has the property of excellent drainage? It also acts as a barrier against rodents as they cannot dig through it. This is the reason why people prefer using it as house borders. 

How Can You Compare Pea Gravel To Other Alternatives?

As we said earlier, it is often confused with other similar materials like crushed stone or granite. So in this regard, we can say that it is much smoother than both stone and granite. This property makes it more pleasant to walk on. 

At the same time, it is more colorful and is also typically a cheaper option. On the other hand, workers use both crushed stone and granite for similar applications. In some cases where the rougher, jagged aesthetic is needed they can look more appealing than this. However, it is nonetheless a fantastic material for a wide range of purposes. So you have to select the material as per your taste and choice which are available in different shapes and sizes.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say it is nowadays very much in use for a variety of purposes. However, there are other alternatives available as well. Therefore, you have to first analyze your purpose well, take advice from experts, and then decide accordingly. The above article will help you have an idea about gravel pea gravel and for what purpose you can use them.

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