Held a Grudge Crossword Clue: Unraveling the Mystery


Ever found yourself furrowing your brow, pencil paused mid-air, as you encounter the enigmatic clue “held a grudge crossword” in your daily crossword? You’re not alone. Crosswords, the timeless brain teasers that they are, often present us with phrases that seem straightforward yet are cryptic in essence. This article is your companion in deciphering the clue “held a grudge,” designed to cater to the general public with a keen interest in crosswords. Let’s embark on this journey of words together, shall we?

The Art of Crossword Solving

Crossword solving is not just about vocabulary; it’s an art. It involves understanding, patience, and sometimes, a bit of guesswork. But what makes it truly special is the eureka moment when the solution clicks.

Understanding “Held a Grudge”

To hold a grudge is to harbor resentment or ill feelings towards someone for a past offense. In the realm of crosswords, this phrase can be cloaked in numerous synonyms or related terms, making the puzzle all the more intriguing.

Tips to Crack the Clue

  1. Context is Key: Pay attention to the theme of the crossword. It can offer hints.
  2. Think Synonyms: Expand your search to include synonyms like “resented” or “bitter.”
  3. Break it Down: Sometimes, breaking the clue into parts can unveil its meaning.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Avoid tunnel vision. Sticking too rigidly to one interpretation of the clue can lead you astray. Stay open to different meanings and contexts.

The Psychology Behind Holding Grudges

Understanding the emotional aspect of “holding a grudge” can sometimes clue you into the puzzle creator’s mindset. It’s a dance between the literal and the figurative.

Famous Puzzles Featuring the Clue

Over the years, several renowned puzzles have featured variations of this clue, challenging and delighting solvers alike. Recalling such instances can sometimes offer a clue.

Techniques from Expert Solvers

Expert solvers often suggest reading clues aloud, working in pencil, and approaching the puzzle from different angles—literally and figuratively.

The Role of Context in Crosswords

Context can transform a clue from baffling to understandable. It’s not just the words, but their place in the puzzle that matters.

Synonyms to Watch Out For

Keeping a mental list of synonyms for “held a grudge crossword” can be your secret weapon in cracking similar clues. Think “nursed a grievance,” “harbored resentment,” and others.

Crossword Variants to Explore

Exploring different types of crosswords can sharpen your skills and introduce you to new clue styles and strategies.

Digital Resources for Crossword Enthusiasts

There are countless apps, websites, and forums dedicated to crossword puzzles where enthusiasts share tips, tricks, and solutions.

The Future of Crossword Puzzles

As language evolves, so do crosswords. Staying attuned to new words and phrases can keep you ahead of the game.


Crossword puzzles, with clues like “held a grudge crossword,” invite us into a world of words, wits, and wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned solver or a curious newcomer, the joy of unraveling these puzzles is unparalleled. Remember, every crossword is a story, and every clue is a doorway to more learning, understanding, and sometimes, a bit of mystery.


1. What does “held a grudge” mean in crossword puzzles?

In crossword puzzles, “held a grudge” typically refers to a clue that seeks an answer related to harboring resentment or ill feelings towards someone for a past offense.

2. How can I improve my crossword-solving skills?

Improving crossword-solving skills involves regular practice, expanding your vocabulary, learning common crossword clues and their answers, and applying different strategies to crack tough clues.

3. Are there any tools that can help solve crosswords?

Yes, there are many digital tools and apps designed to assist with crossword puzzles, offering hints, answers, and explanations for various clues.

4. Why is understanding the psychology behind clues important?

Understanding the psychology behind clues can help solvers get into the mind of the puzzle creator, making it easier to decipher tricky clues by considering their emotional or metaphorical meanings.

5. Can exploring different types of crosswords benefit my solving technique?

Absolutely! Exploring different types of crosswords can introduce you to a variety of clue styles and solving techniques, enriching your overall puzzle-solving experience and skill set.

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