Lola Beltrán’s 92nd Birthday: All Need to Know

Lola Beltrán, also known as “La Grande de la Canción Ranchera” (The Grand Dame of Ranchera Music), was a Mexican singer and actress who became an icon in the world of traditional Mexican music. On March 7th, 2021, she would have celebrated her 92nd birthday. In this article, we will take a look at her life, career, and legacy, as well as how her 92nd birthday is being celebrated.

Who Was Lola Beltrán?

Lola Beltrán was born on March 7th, 1932, in Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico. She was the youngest of 10 children and grew up in a musical family. Her father was a musician and her mother was a singer, and they both encouraged her to pursue a career in music.

Beltrán began singing at a young age and made her professional debut at the age of 15. She quickly gained popularity in Mexico and became known for her powerful voice and emotional performances. She was often compared to other famous Mexican singers such as Lucha Villa and Amalia Mendoza.

Her Career

Lola Beltrán performingBeltrán’s career spanned over five decades, and she released over 70 albums during her lifetime. She was known for her interpretations of traditional Mexican music genres such as ranchera, bolero, and corrido. She also starred in several films and television shows, showcasing her acting skills.

One of her most famous songs is “Cucurrucucú Paloma”, which was featured in the 1965 film “El Gallo de Oro” and has been covered by numerous artists. Other popular songs by Beltrán include “Paloma Negra”, “Si Dios Me Quita La Vida”, and “La Chancla”.

Beltrán’s career was not without controversy. In the 1970s, she was banned from performing in Mexico due to her alleged involvement with drug traffickers. However, she continued to perform in other countries and eventually returned to Mexico in the 1980s.

Her Legacy

Lola Beltrán’s impact on Mexican music and culture is undeniable. She was one of the first female singers to achieve success in the male-dominated world of ranchera music. She also helped popularize traditional Mexican music around the world, performing in countries such as the United States, Spain, and Japan.

Beltrán’s influence can still be seen today, with many modern artists citing her as an inspiration. She has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a statue in her hometown of Rosario, Sinaloa.

How Is Her 92nd Birthday Being Celebrated?

Although Lola Beltrán passed away in 1996, her legacy continues to live on. On her 92nd birthday, fans and admirers around the world are celebrating her life and career in various ways.

Social Media Tributes

Many fans have taken to social media to pay tribute to Lola Beltrán on her birthday. The hashtag #LolaBeltrán is trending on Twitter, with fans sharing their favorite songs, performances, and memories of the singer. Some have even shared photos of themselves dressed in traditional Mexican attire, inspired by Beltrán’s iconic style.

Special Performances

In honor of her 92nd birthday, several artists have planned special performances to pay tribute to Lola Beltrán. Mexican singer Aida Cuevas, known as “La Reina de la Canción Ranchera” (The Queen of Ranchera Music), will be performing a concert dedicated to Beltrán’s music. The concert will be streamed live on YouTube for fans around the world to enjoy.

Film Screenings

Beltrán’s films are also being celebrated on her birthday. The Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) is hosting a virtual screening of “El Gallo de Oro”, the film that features her famous song “Cucurrucucú Paloma”. The film will be available to stream for free on their website for a limited time.


Lola Beltrán’s 92nd birthday is a celebration of her life, career, and legacy. Her impact on Mexican music and culture will continue to be felt for generations to come. As we remember her on this special day, let us honor her memory by listening to her music and sharing her story with others. Happy 92nd birthday, Lola Beltrán!

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