Outer Range Season 2: Exploring the Thrills

Fans of the hit Amazon Prime series Outer Range have been eagerly awaiting the release of season 2. With its gripping storyline and stunning cinematography, the first season left viewers on the edge of their seats and hungry for more. As we anticipate the return of this thrilling show, let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from Outer Range season 2.

Release Date

Outer Range Season 2

The release date for Outer Range season 2 has not yet been officially announced, but it is expected to premiere in late 2021 or early 2022. The first season was released in November 2020, so fans are hoping for a similar timeline for the second season. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, there may be delays in production and release dates.


Outer Range follows the story of a rancher named Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin) who discovers a plane crash on his land. As he investigates, he uncovers a dangerous conspiracy that puts his family and his way of life at risk. Season 2 is expected to pick up where the first season left off, with Royal and his family facing even more challenges and threats.

New Cast Members

While the main cast is expected to return for season 2, there will also be some new faces joining the Outer Range family. It has been announced that Imogen Poots and Lewis Pullman will be joining the cast for the second season. Poots will play a character named Autumn, while Pullman’s character has not yet been revealed. These talented actors are sure to bring even more depth and excitement to the show.

Filming Locations

The first season of Outer Range was filmed in New Mexico, but for the second season, the production has moved to Montana. This change in location is expected to bring a new and unique visual aesthetic to the show. Montana’s rugged landscapes and wide-open spaces will add to the sense of isolation and danger that the characters face.

Fan Theories

As with any popular show, fans have been speculating about what will happen in season 2. Some theories suggest that Royal’s brother, played by Tom Pelphrey, may still be alive and will make a return in the second season. Others believe that the conspiracy goes even deeper than what was revealed in the first season. Only time will tell which theories are correct, but one thing is for sure – season 2 is sure to be full of twists and turns.


Outer Range season 2 is highly anticipated by fans and is expected to deliver even more thrills and suspense than the first season. With a talented cast, intriguing plot, and stunning filming locations, this show is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Keep an eye out for the official release date and get ready to dive back into the world of Outer Range.

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