Revenge of the Sword Clans Hound Chapter 33: Epic Showdown

Welcome to the latest chapter of “Revenge of the Sword Clans Hound Chapter 33”! In this chapter, we will see the continuation of the epic journey of our protagonist, Hound, as he seeks revenge against the clans who wronged him. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, be sure to catch up before diving into this one.

Recap of Previous Chapters

In the previous chapters, we saw Hound, a skilled swordsman, being betrayed by his own clan and left for dead. However, he survived and is now on a quest for revenge against the clans who wronged him. Along the way, he has encountered various challenges and obstacles, but his determination and skills have helped him overcome them.

Hound’s Encounter with the Bandits

Bandits attacking Hound

In chapter 31, Hound encountered a group of bandits who were terrorizing a small village. Being the honorable swordsman that he is, Hound decided to take on the bandits and protect the innocent villagers. With his exceptional swordsmanship, he defeated the bandits and earned the gratitude of the villagers.

The Mysterious Stranger

In chapter 32, Hound met a mysterious stranger who seemed to know about his quest for revenge. The stranger offered to help Hound by providing him with information about the clans he seeks to destroy. Hound was skeptical at first, but the stranger’s knowledge and skills convinced him to accept the offer.

Chapter 33: The Secret of the Sword Clans

As Hound and the mysterious stranger continue their journey, the stranger reveals the secret behind the betrayal of Hound’s clan. It turns out that the clans were being manipulated by a powerful sorcerer who wanted to eliminate Hound and his clan to gain control over the region.

The sorcerer had been using dark magic to control the minds of the clan leaders and turn them against each other. Hound’s clan was the first to fall victim to this manipulation, and the other clans followed suit.

The Sorcerer’s Lair

Sorcerer's lair

The stranger leads Hound to the sorcerer’s lair, a hidden fortress deep in the mountains. As they approach the lair, they encounter various traps and obstacles, but Hound’s swordsmanship and the stranger’s knowledge help them overcome them.

Finally, they reach the entrance of the lair, guarded by powerful sorcerers. Hound and the stranger engage in a fierce battle with the sorcerers, and with their combined skills, they emerge victorious.

Confronting the Sorcerer

Inside the lair, Hound and the stranger confront the sorcerer, who is revealed to be an old acquaintance of Hound’s. The sorcerer taunts Hound, revealing that he was the one who orchestrated the betrayal of his clan and left him for dead.

Filled with rage and determination, Hound engages in a one-on-one battle with the sorcerer. The sorcerer’s dark magic proves to be a formidable opponent, but Hound’s swordsmanship and the stranger’s assistance give him the upper hand.

The Final Blow

Hound defeating the sorcerer

After a long and intense battle, Hound finally delivers the final blow to the sorcerer, avenging his clan and himself. With the sorcerer defeated, the dark magic controlling the clans is lifted, and they are freed from the sorcerer’s control.

The stranger reveals himself to be a powerful sorcerer as well, and he offers to help Hound rebuild his clan and restore peace to the region. Hound accepts the offer, and together they begin their journey to rebuild what was lost.


In this chapter, we saw Hound confront the sorcerer who was behind the betrayal of his clan. With the help of a mysterious stranger, Hound was able to defeat the sorcerer and avenge his clan. With the sorcerer’s defeat, the clans are freed from his control, and Hound can now focus on rebuilding his clan and restoring peace to the region.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of “Revenge of the Sword Clans Hound Chapter 33” to see what challenges and adventures await Hound on his journey to rebuild his clan.

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