Saltburn Bathtub Scene: Exploring the Iconic

The Saltburn Bathtub Scene from the popular Netflix show “The Kissing Booth” has become a cultural phenomenon, with fans swooning over the romantic moment between characters Elle and Noah. But what makes this scene so iconic? In this article, we will explore the details of the Saltburn Bathtub Scene and its impact on viewers.

The Setting

Saltburn Beach

The scene takes place on Saltburn Beach, a picturesque location on the coast of North Yorkshire, England. The beach is known for its Victorian pier and cliff lift, making it a popular tourist destination. The stunning backdrop of the beach adds to the romantic atmosphere of the scene.

The Characters

The scene features the two main characters of the show, Elle and Noah, played by Joey King and Jacob Elordi. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, making the scene even more captivating. Fans have been drawn to their on-screen romance, with many rooting for their relationship to continue off-screen as well.

The Bathtub


The iconic bathtub itself is a vintage clawfoot tub, adding to the romantic and nostalgic feel of the scene. The tub is filled with bubbles and surrounded by candles, creating a dreamy and intimate setting. The use of the bathtub as a prop adds to the vulnerability and closeness between the characters.

The Timestamp

The Saltburn Bathtub Scene is also known for its specific timestamp, 1:16:20, which has become a popular reference among fans. This timestamp marks the moment when Elle and Noah finally share their first kiss, making it a significant and memorable moment in the show.

The Music


The scene is accompanied by the song “Beach Song” by the band Air Traffic Controller, adding to the romantic and dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the emotions of the characters, making it a perfect fit for the scene.

The Impact

The Saltburn Bathtub Scene has had a significant impact on viewers, with many fans rewatching the scene multiple times and sharing it on social media. The scene has also sparked a trend of recreating the moment, with fans taking photos in bathtubs and sharing them online. The popularity of the scene has also brought attention to the beautiful location of Saltburn Beach, with many fans adding it to their travel bucket list.

In conclusion, the Saltburn Bathtub Scene has become an iconic moment in popular culture, with its romantic setting, captivating characters, and dreamy atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this scene is definitely worth watching and experiencing for yourself. Have you watched the Saltburn Bathtub Scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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