Check Out Some Of The Unknown Facts About U-Bolts

You must have heard the name of U-bolts in the pipes and pipeline sector often. Yes, they are in the shape of the letter U with screw threads on both ends which mainly act as support. They are mostly used to support pipework, pipes through which fluids and gases pass. As per the sources, U-bolts are now being used for a variety of reasons like to clamp any kind of tubing or round bar. 

Well, they primarily serve as ‘Rest+Guide+Hold’ down supports but with certain installation modifications. At the same time, they might also serve as line stops. It is the U-bolts’ curved design that lets them easily fit around the pipes. Then we later subsequently fasten them to a secondary element using nuts. So in today’s article, we shall discuss some unknown aspects of U-bolts. Stay tuned to us if you are eager to find out!

What Are The Uses Of U-Bolts?

So if you are hearing about this tool for the first time, let us shed some light on the uses of U-bolts. As we said earlier, you can use them in various situations. You also frequently employ them as pipe support techniques. Here are some of the uses of U-bolts:

  • Using U-Bolts To Support Pipes

As per the sources, we generally employ them to give pipes lateral constraints. In other words, U-bolts are the most straightforward. Moreover, you can also utilize this form of pipe support for small-bore piping systems. 

At the same time, you can frequently use U-bolts in plants to support bare pipes smaller than 8 inches in diameter. Moreover, they can reduce line vibrations by giving the system more stiffness. They are also a useful option for supporting vertical elevated lines of pipe. 

  • U-Bolt Applications For Transporting Pipes

We also use U-bolts in the pipe and pipeline transportation sector to prevent pipe movement and breakage. They mainly reduce erratic pipe movements brought on by heavyweights during transit. So this is also one of the reasons why people use U-bolts. 

  • Anchor U-Bolt (Gripped U-Bolt)

In this type of design, the U-bolt serves as an anchor. So it mainly prevents pipe movements at the support position. At the same time, you have to position the pipe U-bolt such that there is no space between the pipe and you can use it as an anchor. Therefore, to ensure a tight fit against the pipe at the base of the secondary support structure, you have to tighten both bolts. 

Moreover, the clamp can act as a directional anchor. This is because the friction force between the clamp and the pipe surfaces limits pipe movement in that direction. Due to this axial forces rise when the line stops. However, the frictional force is not enough to resist the axial stress and slip. Also, due to this, you can use U-bolts as anchors on smaller pipes, generally those up to 6 inches in diameter.

  • Using A Non-Grip U-Bolt As A Guide

Well, the most common and popular to install and capable of serving as a pipe guide is the non-gripped U-bolt. Moreover, non-gripped pipe U-bolts are installed with one nut on top and one on the bottom of the support beam. So after tightening both nuts, there will be a gap between the pipe and the U-bolt plate. 

How Can You Install U-Bolts Easily?

Now many of you might have this question on your mind regarding how you can install U-bolts easily. Well, the length of the U-bolts depends on the pipe’s diameter. So each of the U-bolts comes with threads and nuts. 

Therefore, depending on the kind of support, you need to make a hole in the steel girder. After that, you have to carefully place the bolt through the holes and secure the nuts. Through these bolts, you can fix wire cables, stabilize roofs, and secure antenna sections along with other building and construction materials. 

What Can Be The Measurements Of U-Bolts?

Even though sizing may vary, U-bolts tend to be as per the size of the pipes and hold them tightly. Moreover, they can run anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a full inch in rod size. 

At the same time, they can hold piping as wide as 30 inches. So you won’t face any problems regarding finding the appropriate one for your pipeline.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that U-bolts are highly common these days. They help in keeping the pipes secure and make sure they stay in place. You can take a look at the above article to get an idea of them before purchasing them.

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