Top Three Echo Weedeater Based On Their Ranking Best For Your Need

The Echo product line of power equipment also includes the Echo 225 series of string trimmers. The best echo weedeater is the ECHO SRM-225. This is because it is inexpensive and extremely reliable. These are powerful enough for both commercial and residential lawn care. They all feature a 21.2-cc engine. These come with a reduced-effort starting technology. There are two procedures used to start the engine. One is the cold-start procedure, which activates the manual choke. The other one is a hot-start procedure which does not use the choke. Both of these procedures will safely and easily start any 225 series trimmer. 

The weed eater range of echo are extremely powerful, durable, and visible. But before choosing one for your house there are top three things that should be on the checklist before getting started. These should be the fuel ratio, air filter, and spark plug. Now, we have listed a few weed eater based on their rank. Let’s get started.

ECHO SRM-225 Weed Eater

The ECHO SRM 225 is like ordering an old-fashioned at the bar. One knows what they are going to get. This has amazing power, consistent results, and amazing durability. There is a reason why this is their best-selling string trimmer. This has everything that one looks for in a gas-powered weed eater. Let’s start breaking it down:

  • It has a 17-inch cutting swath, which is a massive cutting swath area. This can almost (probably) replace the lawn edger altogether. It is a top-of-the-line cutting swath. This is not found in any kind of battery-powered weed eater.
  • This has a 21.2 cc engine. It is about what you expect from a high end residential weed eater. This is just perfect, no more no less.
  • It is about 60 inches long which is about 5 feet. Long weed eaters are mostly preferred because it gives more precision and flexibility while cutting. This often gives a straighter line. 
  • This has a Speed-feed head. It is a registered trademark of ECHO. But it basically allows us to quickly reload a weed eater string without having to disassemble the whole head. 

ECHO GT-225 Weed Eater

This is a somewhat lighter version of the Echo SRM 225. It has a smaller cutting swath. This comes with a curved shaft, and it does not have a speed-feed head. But it is otherwise very similar to the previous model.

Some people might prefer straight shaft string trimmer. But there is still a place for curved shaft string trimmers. Curved shafts are great for using on flat surfaces. These are places where one is not necessarily trying to shape something. Areas that are too small for traditional mowers to work well but still we need to mow down some grass, these are the best weed eaters.

They are also great around light poles, mailboxes, or other solid structures like these. One can lose a bit of visibility and reach while using them. Therefore, it is always best to go for straight shafts. The GT-225 still has a nice engine and all the same bells and whistles as the SRM-225. So, we can say that this one is the best-curved weed eater made by the ECHO award. 

ECHO SRM-2620 Weed Eater

This is, to say the least, a beast. It might be the best all-around weed eater for commercial landscapers. This is extremely powerful and surprisingly very light. But this is not the one which could be used for tinkering around the yard. One would consider this model as an SRM 225 on steroids. It has some similarities, which are listed below:

  • This has a 6 foot long straight shaft.
  • It comes with a 17 inch cutting swath which is huge.
  • This weed mower weighs around 12 lbs without any fuel.
  • It has a speed feed head.
  • The main difference in this one is that it comes with a 25.4 cc engine. However, the ECHO SRM 225 has a 20.2 cc engine. 

We as normal people would not notice the difference. But if one is using these string trimmers for hours per day, the the difference is quite visible. One can understand the difference in 5 cc of power output. 


ECHO weedeater or the string trimmers are real workhorses. They are super reliable and super durable, and they are probably the F-150 of weed eaters. They are the best in the market.

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