Conquered Today’s NYT Connections? Here’s a Recap (March 16th)

Did you smash the NYT Connections puzzle today, or are you still scratching your head? No worries, this blog is here to help! Whether you’re a seasoned Connections pro or a curious newcomer, let’s dive into the March 16th edition.

The Challenge

The objective of Connections is always the same: organize 16 words into four groups of four, based on a hidden theme that links them all. Each group is color-coded for easy reference (yellow being the easiest, purple the hardest).

Need Some Help?

If you got stuck, here are the categories for today’s puzzle, along with a hint word for each:

  • Yellow: Change in size (Hint: Think shrinking)
  • Green: Related to flights (Hint: Think airplane cabins)
  • Blue: Examining applicants (Hint: What HR might do)
  • Purple: Important TV show episodes (Hint: Think premieres and finales)

Spoiler Alert!

Looking for the answers? No problem! Here are the winning connections for March 16th:

  • Yellow: GET SMALLER – Contract, Lessen, Reduce, Shrink
  • Green: AIRLINE CLASSES – Business, Coach, First, Premium
  • Blue: EXAMINE, AS AN APPLICANT – Check, Review, Screen, Vet
  • Purple: NOTABLE TV EPISODES – Finale, Pilot, Premiere, Special


If you solved the puzzle yourself, pat yourself on the back! And if you used the hints or answers, that’s perfectly fine too. The important thing is to keep challenging your brain and having fun.

Looking for More?

The NYT Connections puzzle is a daily brain teaser, so there’s always a new challenge to tackle tomorrow. You can also find online resources with past puzzles and strategies to improve your game.

Happy connecting!

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