Corner Bathtub: Things To Know About This Trending Bath Wares

The corner bathtub is very different from other types of bathtubs in current trends. Most of the bathtubs that many of us are familiar with are freestanding and clawfoot bathtubs. There are good reasons for freestanding and clawfoot to be popular among users. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But there is one advantage that corner bathtubs possess. It is the placement. One can put corner bathtubs where one cannot install either freestanding or clawfoot tubs. This saves on space inside your bathroom. It is a perfect fit for all those bathroom plans where freestanding or clawfoot tubs cannot fit. This takes much less space. There are a few more positive points that make corner bathtubs a trending choice with current plans.

What are Corner Bathtubs?

A freestanding or clawfoot bathtub can stand independently without any external support. But a corner bathtub requires external support. It is a bathtub where two of its sides are fixed by walls. Since it is anchored by two walls in the bathroom, there are no points for guessing that the shape is triangular. However, that is not necessarily the case for all corner bathtubs. Indeed, there might not be as much of a variety of shapes and sizes as freestanding bathtubs. Corner bathtub comes in some notable shapes and sizes. 

All the physical aspects of a corner bathtub are made in such a way that it can fit perfectly into a corner in our bathroom. The main advantage of a corner bathtub, as we have seen earlier, is its placement. This means that even if we have a small bathroom, where installing a freestanding bathtub can be difficult, a corner tub can fit. We can put in a corner bathtub given that we have two adjacent walls to support the tub. 

The next advantage of the corner tub is its functionality. We can easily change the corner bathtub into a jacuzzi when needed. Now, one of the main reasons why people install a bathtub in their bathroom is to relax their body and mind. Taking a dip in a jacuzzi, which is also known as hydrotherapy, the high-pressure water helps relax our muscles and improves overall blood circulation. In place of spending money each time, which is quite expensive, one can invest money one time into a corner bathtub. This can help them get all the benefits in the comfort of their home. 

Who Should Buy This?

Who Should Buy This?

Those who have a small surface area in their bathroom should go for corner bathtubs. Now, the freestanding and clawfoot tubs have remained trendy because they have a long horizontal structure. This means it requires at least 25-30 sq. ft of bathroom space. However, corner bathtubs are usually triangular or sometimes circular. This means not much space is not necessary. Also, these have a triangular or round shape. Therefore, more than one person can fit into the tub easily, which is not possible in freestanding or clawfoot bathtubs.

Another advantage of the corner bathtub is that it can be converted into a hot tub or jacuzzi. It is the best setup for elderly people. A hot bath with a good amount of water pressure can help them to relax their muscles. These can destress them. Along with that, it helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Apart from that, if they are suffering from any skin-related abnormalities, it can be helped. This also helps to soothe the pain. The main reason why doctors recommend taking a nice, warm bath in the jacuzzi for elderly individuals is that they help improve health issues.

What Are The Disadvantages Of This Bathtub?

However, there are some major disadvantages to corner bathtubs, which might cause their fame to drop. One of the main disadvantages of a corner bathtub over a freestanding bathtub is the cost. One can get a freestanding bathtub at a cheaper price than corner ones. An acrylic bathtub costs around $600.  

The next drawback is maintenance. It is much more challenging than a normal bathtub.  There are several steps involved in cleaning and maintaining a corner bathtub.


Corner bathtubs are gaining popularity these days because of their added benefits over freestanding ones. These are much more convenient but are a bit expensive than the regular ones.

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