Embrace the Spirit of Buší: A Fun and Strategic Game for All Ages

Buší is a traditional Czech game that has been played for centuries. It is a combination of tag and hide-and-seek, and it is a popular pastime for children and adults alike. The game is typically played in a wooded area, with one person designated as the “it” or “buší” and the rest of the players hiding. The goal of the game is for the “it” to find and tag the other players before they can reach a designated safe spot.

History of Buší

The origins of Buší can be traced back to the 16th century in the Czech Republic. It was originally played by shepherds as a way to pass the time while watching over their flocks. Over time, the game became popular among children and has since become a beloved tradition in Czech culture. It is often played during family gatherings, school outings, and summer camps.

How to Play Buší

How to Play Buší

To play Buší, you will need a group of players and a wooded area with plenty of hiding spots. One person is chosen to be the “it” and counts to a designated number while the other players hide. Once the “it” finishes counting, they begin searching for the other players. If a player is tagged by the “it,” they become the new “it” and the game continues. However, if a player is able to reach the designated safe spot without being tagged, they are safe and the game continues until all players have been tagged or have reached the safe spot.

Benefits of Playing Buší

Aside from being a fun and exciting game, Buší also offers numerous benefits for both children and adults. It promotes physical activity and encourages players to explore their surroundings. It also helps develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills as players try to outsmart the “it” and find the best hiding spots. Additionally, Bušífosters teamwork and communication as players work together to avoid being tagged.

Buší in Modern Times

While Buší has been a beloved tradition in Czech culture for centuries, it has also gained popularity in other countries. In recent years, the game has been introduced to international summer camps and has even been adapted for urban environments. In some cities,Buší is played in parks and other public spaces, bringing people together and promoting a sense of community.


Buší may be a simple game, but it holds a special place in Czech culture and has been enjoyed by generations. Its popularity has spread beyond the Czech Republic, and it continues to bring people together and promote physical activity and strategic thinking. So next time you’re in a wooded area, why not gather some friends and play a game of Buší? You may just discover a new favorite pastime.

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