Green Paint: Reasons You Should Invest In Green Home Decor

Colour is very tricky to get right. Many of us lack confidence in incorporating green paint into our homes and interior design schemes. Colours are not just something that we see with our eyes. They make things seem alive. But they can also affect our mood and mindset. A skilled interior designer never picks the colour of walls based only on aesthetics. Rather, they choose colours that would benefit their clients’ mood and psychological well-being. 

Rarely do we find green as the main walls for homes. This is because it can be daunting if it is not used properly. However, this green colour can become a life-changing accent to our homes with the right choice of hues. Using green in the right ways may bring feelings of peace and growth. Some of the effects of using this beautiful colour in our homes and ideas for using more green decor are given here.

What Is Colour Psychology?

Colour psychology, as the name suggests, is the study of how colours can influence human behaviour, emotions, and perceptions. This explores the psychological and physiological effects of different colours. Colours have various effects on individuals and how these cause reactions can vary across cultures and contexts. They can evoke specific feelings and associations. It can also impact our mood, decision-making, and even physiological responses.

Warm colours like red and orange are often associated with energy, passion, and excitement. On the contrary,  cool colours like blue and green tend to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquillity. In addition to this, cultural factors can influence colour symbolism. For instance, white represents purity in Western cultures but is associated with mourning in some Eastern cultures. Moreover, understanding colour psychology can be a powerful tool to create desired emotional responses. It can also help in better comprehending the profound impact that colours have on our daily lives.

Green Home Decor

How Does Colour Influence Our Mood?

In terms of colour psychology, there are several common effects of the colour green on human emotion. However, the most predominant ones are relaxation and growth. Let’s read more about it.


The colour green is frequently associated with nature. Green is a cool colour symbolising nature and the natural world. It is because of the strong associations it has with nature that green is often believed to represent tranquillity, good luck, and health. It is often used in decorating as it has a calming effect. This colour is thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches.

Many psychologists recommend their patients go on trips to the countryside to relax and get things off their minds. This is because, on trips, we tend to see more lush green grass and trees than people. This scenery relaxes the mind. Scientists also believe that the colour green strains our eyes less. This helps with the relaxation we feel.


“Green,” word is derived from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word ‘grene,” which means”grass ” or”grow.” This mindset is also connected to nature. However, when we talk about growth, it is not only limited to the growth of life. Rather, it is also associated with financial growth. Green is often used as the color of money, and it first started when counterfeiting money was rampant during the 1860s. The federal government of the US thought about making money green. They thought that it would be easy to determine what was original versus counterfeit.

Are There Any Negative Effects Of Green?

Apart from being associated with relaxation and life, the colour green has some downfalls. It has also been linked to negative emotions as well. These could be such as the coining of the term, “green with envy,” jealousy and the like. In popular culture, monsters, poison, and dangerous chemicals have always been portrayed in green. It has always been shown as if the colour should be something to be avoided.

We must remember the fact that the perception of colours has also been influenced by culture. People of different locations may or may not harbour the same impression of green. This is because since they are natives of their places, their mindset has been moulded accordingly. They have been shaped differently while growing up.


The green paint has its implications based on the culture to which a person belongs.  A skilled interior designer will always choose colours that would benefit the mood and psychological well-being of their clients. They would always take care of the culture their clients subscribe to.

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