I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game

Sword skills are a crucial aspect of many popular video games, from fantasy RPGs to action-adventure games. As a player, mastering these skills can make all the difference in your success within the game. But what if you could take your sword skills to the next level and become a swordsmanship instructor in the game? In this article, we’ll explore how you can become a crazy swordsmanship instructor in the game and dominate the virtual world.

Master Your Sword Skills

Sword skills

Before you can become a swordsmanship instructor, you must first master your own sword skills. This means spending time practicing and perfecting your techniques, whether it’s through completing quests or engaging in battles. Take the time to learn different sword techniques and styles, and experiment with different weapons to find your preferred style. The more skilled you become, the more credibility you will have as a swordsmanship instructor.

Find Your Students

Just like in the real world, you need students to become a successful instructor. In the game, you can find potential students by joining guilds or clans, participating in online forums, or even advertising your services in-game. Look for players who are interested in improving their sword skills and offer to train them. You can also offer your services as a mentor to new players, helping them learn the basics of swordsmanship.

Create a Training Program

As a swordsmanship instructor, it’s important to have a structured training program for your students. This can include specific techniques, drills, and challenges to help them improve their skills. You can also create a ranking system to track their progress and motivate them to continue training. Make sure to tailor your program to each individual student’s needs and abilities, and be open to feedback and suggestions from your students.

Host Tournaments and Competitions

Swordsmanship instructor

One way to showcase your skills as a swordsmanship instructor is by hosting tournaments and competitions. This not only allows your students to put their skills to the test, but it also attracts attention from other players in the game. You can offer prizes for the winners, such as rare weapons or in-game currency, to make the competition more enticing. This will also help to establish your reputation as a top swordsmanship instructor in the game.

Expand Your Reach

As your reputation grows, you can expand your reach as a swordsmanship instructor. This can include creating tutorial videos or guides, streaming your training sessions on platforms like Twitch, or even hosting workshops or classes within the game. By reaching a wider audience, you can attract more students and solidify your position as a crazy swordsmanship instructor in the game.


Becoming a swordsmanship instructor in the game may seem like a daunting task, but with dedication and hard work, it can become a reality. By mastering your own sword skills, finding students, creating a training program, hosting competitions, and expanding your reach, you can become a top instructor in the virtual world. So grab your sword and get ready to dominate the game as a crazy swordsmanship instructor. Have you ever trained with a swordsmanship instructor in the game? Share your experience in the comments below.

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