Instagram Model Amirah Dyme- Her Early Life, Career, Net Worth And More

Modelling is a popular business. Now many people have become models through their social media accounts. Here we will look at some interesting details of the famous social media model known as Amirah Dyme (born January 14, 1995) . She is twenty-six years old. She is a model with the nickname “Cake Queen”. Also, she has promoted some famous brands like NA-KD, Fashion Nova and Blanco Bay in her Instagram account. 

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Dyme posts great videos on her TikTok account. Many people love to see the stylish photos she posts on her profile. That is why she has become a popular Instagram and TikTok personality. Her followers swoon over her hot photos. You can find all the details about the beautiful Amirah Dyme here. 

A Short Bio:Wiki On Amirah Dyme

Name Amirah Dyme
Alternate Names
Nick Name
Instagram star
Birth Year January 14, 1995
How old is? 27 years (as of 2022)
How tall is? 1.70 m (in feet inches- 5′ 7″)
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) Berlin, Germany
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth $2 million USD


Early life

Amirah Dyme hails from Sudanese born in Germany. Her birth date is the 14th of January 1995. Also, she has seven siblings, but they are not famous like her. There are not many details about her personal life because she only shares her modelling pictures on Instagram. 

Why is Amirah Dyme popular? 

Amirah Dyme is a normal girl like everybody, but she became famous through her attractive modelling pictures on Instagram. She has an amazing body and facial features that helped her get lots of followers in her account. Also, she has attractive eyes and hair. That is why she was able to receive a lot of fans. 

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She first created her Instagram account in 2016. Then after some months, she was able to garner popularity through her stylish poses. After that, she got nick-named Cake Queen by her followers. Through Instagram, she got to model for famous brands and earn money. This became her career because the brands were able to attract customers through beautiful Instagram models like Dyme. 

In the future, Dyme may decide to sign contracts with famous models and walk the ramp. But she has not done that yet because she is currently using Instagram as the platform to model. 

Further, Dyme also began her account on Instagram to show her patriotism to her country Sudan. She wants to plead tranquillity for her country from the unstable paramilitary federal government. In 2019 she used her Instagram profile to talk about the need for calm and peace in Sudan. It was a patriotic act and made her Instagram followers know about the happenings in North African countries. 

Who is Amirah Dyme dating? 

Amirah Dyme is an attractive girl, so she surely has attracted the attention of many male followers. For a long time, Dyme kept her dating life away from social media. But she recently shared the photo of herself kissing a black male with the caption “That’s the daddy”. Then this created a stir among her Instagram followers, who thought that the black male might be her boyfriend. But she did not reveal anything about her relationship with the man. 

Yostagram Amirah Dyme •
Image Credit : Yostagram
Amirah Dyme •

Dyme also dated a Nigerian multi-millionaire Ray Hushpuppi. But he got arrested in Dubai in 2020 by Interpol and the FBI because of cheating. Then he dumped Dyme, which broke the relationship. But we do not know if she has any current boyfriend or not. 

Her beauty and body 

Dyme is a kind of beauty that is popular today. Gone are the days where slim and fit models were famous and well-recognised. Today the models are expected to be natural and curvy. This is the kind of model Dyme is. She has beautiful curves that she is bold enough to flaunt on Instagram. Her big bust and back make her body look glamorous and hot. Her weight is 70 kg, and her height is 5 feet and 7 inches. She dons different kinds of hairstyles that suit her. 

Her eyes are also lovely, and it is dark and shiny. She wears eyeliner with perfect eyes, and many girls want to try it. Her makeup is also always on point. These are the things we can see in popular models. But Dyme can create that timeless look easily. 

What is Amirah Dyme net worth? 

Amirah Dyme is a well-known Instagram model and TikTok star. Therefore her net worth is also good. Also, she has 3.6 million followers on her Instagram account. She has worked for brands like NA-KD, Fashion Nova and Blanco Bay. For each of the posts she makes on Instagram, she gets huge amounts of cash. Her beauty and attitude have attracted millions of followers now. 

She is a viral Instagram star with a net worth of $2 million. According to some sources, she makes $116,067 per year. Also, a major part of her income comes from the brands she models for. Her Instagram id is @amirahdyme. 


Amirah Dyme is a famous model. Because of her modelling skills, she has become a famous personality on Instagram. Also, she is a talented girl who is not afraid to voice her opinions.

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