Rice Purity Test: How To Play This And Check Your Score On It

The rice purity test has been all the rage for a long time. This has always been the best game to play for sleepovers. Recently, the game has gained quite a fame among GenZ. TikTok users are sharing the results of this online test to demonstrate their growing experience or innocence. These scores are based on their lifestyle choices. The Rice purity test allows the player to tick off different life experiences. These range from dating, getting intimate, alcohol and drug use, and so on.

TikTok is revealing these scores and updating them in real-time. The game has become quite a famous test for the youth to upgrade their social lives and get validation.

What is the Rice Purity Test game?

This test is a series of 100 questions. These are lost in the form of a self-graded survey that attempts to rate a person’s innocence. The survey gauges one by asking questions related to drugs, alcohol, getting intimate, the law, and other different kinds of naughty activities. Some of the examples of these questions include: You are getting intimate in public areas and notice a police car and run immediately from there, and more situations like this.

The test begins with the most innocent questions. For example, have you ever held hands romantically and slowly progressed to dirtier questions? Some of these dirtier questions: have you ever paid or been paid for intimacy? This will finally show the results in the form of a percentage between 0 and 100. 0 is the least pure, and 100 is the most pure. The main intention behind creating this test was to check the maturity of college students. The aim was to see whether they could bond comfortably with upperclassmen.

Who created the Rice Purity Test?

Rice University created it. The aim was to test the maturity of their students to help them build relationships with upperclassmen. Usually, these are based on their experiences. The Rice Purity Test was created in 1924. It was initially only given to women. However, many more versions of these have come out over the years, including more modern questions.

Nowadays, college students take the test purely for fun. These young adults love to compare their answers to their friends’ answers. Moreover, it becomes an interesting experiment to take the test at the beginning of the freshman year of college. Then, one can do the same at the end of their senior year. One can also make this a ritual to take this test on their birthday every year. This is primarily to compare the new scores to the past scores so that one can see how much they have matured.

How do I take the test?

One can take the most popular version of this test on the official Rice Purity Test website. It is www.ricepuritytest.com. As we have mentioned earlier, the test gives the results in the form of a number between 1 and 100. The higher the score comes, the more innocent one is considered to be.

What does each score range mean?

Here is a simple scale that can help in analyzing the obtained score more in-depth:

Between 100 and 98:

This score means that the person is as pure as gold. It would rather be quite difficult for anyone over the age of 18 to obtain this score.

Between 97 and 94:

One can still be considered pretty pure. Maybe the person had their first kiss or might have held hands with someone. However, the concerned person has not gone much further than that.

Between 93 and 77:

This is about the average score range. It signifies that one is not an averagely pure person. Maybe they have French kissed before, or maybe they could have even gone down further, maybe below the belt.

Between 76 and 45:

This score means that the concerned person might have had their fair share of alcohol, drugs, or intimate experiences. The score somewhat shows that the person has reached a certain level of maturity.

Between 44 and 9:

This range of scores is definitely below average. One may have been to jail, used hard drugs, or had public intimacy.

Between 9 and 0:

This score means they have done some pretty wild stuff. The list could include stuff like maybe even paying for or being paid for intimacy.


This test has become hugely popular among Gen Z and is all the rage now. The survey is a great way to determine one’s maturity level.

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