Tips To Choose A Swimsuit For Your Tweens

Finding the perfect swimsuit for your kids can be a very challenging task to do. Children grow out of their bath suits very quickly. These need to be durable, flexible, and long-lasting so that the playtime of the kids is not hampered. Consider not just factors like sand, salt, chlorine, running, jumping, wrestling, and more but also the child’s comfort. The comfort of your kids and their safety play a crucial role when deciding what to buy for them. So, before you dive into shopping for your kid’s swimsuit this year, consider reading through the following pointers.

Tips to help you choose your Swimsuits for Tweens

Swimsuits for kids are an interesting thing to shop for.  But it is even more fun watching the kid having a blast in their cute new suits. So before you head to shop. Below are a few things that you need to think about before you purchase swimsuits for tweens.

Durability and Ease of Cleaning

The swimwear for your kids needs to be tough. The parents might be lounging on your towel while the kid is likely to remain busy digging up sand or hunting for starfish in a tide pool. Therefore, we must make sure what they are wearing. Whether it is swim trunks, a one-piece swimsuit, swim shorts, or board shorts, they are both tough and easy to clean.

Now to get it easy, look at the label of your child’s swimwear. You will get the instructions to determine the best way to clean it. One can also opt for fabrics like polyester and nylon over spandex. These hold up better to machine washing. This is because one may not always have time to hand wash the swim trunks of their kids.

More often a quick rinse in freshwater is the best way to keep them long-lasting.

Comfortability & Freedom of Movement

This is one of the most important factors when choosing water wear for kids. Comfortability is a major issue with most of the swimwear. The swimsuit should not prevent them from moving or be a nuisance that needs to be rearranged every couple of minutes. In case the child is uncomfortable, it will ruin the swimming experience. Moreover, there will be negative water associations. So if you aim to prevent discomfort, sizing is key. This is why swimwear should not be too tight so that it causes rashes, breathing difficulties, wedges, or red marks on their skin. At the same time, it should not be too loose either.  Nobody wants it to be falling off every couple of minutes, or allowing sand and dirt to hurt their skin.

A key element, especially with younger kids, is how easy the swimwear is to put on and take off. Wet swimsuits tend to attach to the skin and make them harder to take off. Think about zippers, snaps, and ties that can make the process simpler. You don’t want to deal with a hard-to-take-off suit during a potty emergency.

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Quality of the fabric

This is another relevant factor one should keep in mind when buying Swimsuits for Tweens. Nylon and polyester are the most common fabrics in the market. This is because they tend to be the most comfortable, and durable ones. Some other fabrics or blends might tend to shrink with the water. Some might even harden or be not chlorine resistant. This means the colors will rapidly fade. While buying swimwear, always check for user reviews. These will be your best guide.

Sun Protection

Parents try to protect their child’s sun-exposed skin with sunscreen. Similarly, one can also protect the skin beneath their clothing with Ultraviolet Protection Factor swimwear. UPF clothing prevents harmful UV rays from passing through the clothes and reaching the skin. Tags on the swimsuit can inform you about the garment. There you can check if the garment has solar protection materials or not. UPF is also available in other types of clothing as well. The list includes garments such as shirts, rash guards, shorts, and hats.


Seeing your child enjoying the summer sun on your family vacation is one of life’s great joys. Therefore, getting the right swimsuit is a must.

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