When is Toy Story 5 Coming?

You must have been very familiar with the Toy Story saga. Well, undeniably, it has been almost everyone’s favorite. However, the audience and fans of Toy Story have jumped off their seats. Are you arriving late to this news? Are you ready for this banger? We all remember the disheartening end of Toy Story 4. Above all, it was heartbreaking to watch Woody and Buzz go their separate ways, and Toy Story 5 is coming soon!

How Everything Started

The first Toy Story film dropped on November 19 and 22, 1995. The fascination for toys coming to life has been a favorite tale of fiction. Andy Davis, the child of the house and owner of the toys, appears to be an oblivious character. The film gained appreciation for its depiction of toys realizing their worth. Buzzy realizing himself as a mere toy marks the climax of the film. The dreams of him flying die a sad death. However, Woody restored faith in him and made him understand his purpose.

Eventually, Woody helps Buzz escape from Sid’s clutch. Eventually, he recruits all the mutant toys and leads them to frighten Sid. As a result, Sid learns a lesson to never mess with toys again. Furthermore, the Toy Story franchise has been running ever since.

Where Did The Last Toy Story Film Leave Off?

A new toy comes aboard in Toy Story 4. Bonnie creates this toy with Woody’s help. Previously, Woody had kept all the scrap materials for her on the first day of Kindergarten. The new toy’s name was Forky. He is a toy made out of trash materials. As a result, he suffers from lowly attributes compared with other “real” toys. Eventually, Woody soon reunited with Bo and her sheep in an accident. However, Woody gets lost in the crowd, and some capture him for a “prize toy”. Forky, too, gets lost in the crowd, and Gabby captures him in an antique shop.

Woody eventually loses touch with Bonnie. He settles with Bo as a lost toy. Concludingly, Jessie became the leader of Bonnie’s room. The sad goodbye was initially presumed to be the final goodbye. However, the creators had some amazing news at hand.

How Much Has The Toy Story Franchise Earned?

The first Toy Story film came out in 1995. It was the first ever fully animated CGI film in the entertainment industry. The later films grossed over $3 million in total. Moreover, Toy Story 4 earned a total of $1.07 billion worldwide. The films were an instant hit. Children and adults alike became ardent fans of the Toy Story franchise. The profits rocketed far higher. Eventually, the creators decided to make another film. Aren’t we all excited for Toy Story 5?

How Much Has The Toy Story Franchise Earned? Apzo Media

Potential Release Dates For Toy Story 5

The creators and makers of Toy Story 5 took considerable time to create the succeeding parts. Each film came out after a certain gap. Eventually, each gap widened after each production of a new Toy Story film. The Toy Story franchise has been running for more than 24 years. The second Toy Story film came out four years after the first film’s release. Toy Story 2 came out in November 1999(the same month in which the first film was produced). Eventually, Toy Story 3 came out after a decade and a half.

It came to big screens and cinema halls in June 2010. The fourth film, Toy Story 4, came out in June 2019. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has even announced the release date for Toy Story 5. We may expect the film to hit theatres and cinema halls on June 19, 2026.

The Cast Of Toy Story 5

Tim Allen is returning to play Buzz again in Toy Story 5. In addition, he has also shared the news on Twitter, with an image of Buzz. The last lines of his Tweet wrote, “…And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!” We are all anticipating someone else too for the fifth film. Tom Hanks, of course! Although, there is no confirmed news of his return to reprise Woody’s voice. But we are very excited to watch this unfold before us!

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