White Oak Plywood: Ways To Choose The Best Plywood For Your Need

Building a house or making furniture are some of the things that one cannot rush through. A person either chooses to spend enough time researching the best materials or spends a lot of money correcting his mistakes. It has to be this way or the other. Now when it comes to a versatile material like lumber, there are lots and lots of things to consider. One needs to check all available options before finally settling on anything. Oak, which is especially hemp oak, belongs to the Beech family. White oak plywood comes with a yellowish-brown to reddish-brown centre with obvious growth rings, is slightly wavy and is usually heavy and hard.

It is mainly produced in Europe and North America. Currently, it is produced in large quantities in Russia and the United States. On the market, oak is roughly divided into two categories. These are red oak and white oak. However, the red oak is not red and white is not white. The colour distinction is not very obvious. There is a filling body in the hole of the white oak pipe. This makes white oak widely used in wine barrels abroad. It is a world-famous oak barrel material. High-quality oak wood produced in China is very rare, and this high-quality oak still needs to be imported from abroad.

What Are The Advantages Of This Plywood Material?

This material has several advantages. These are listed as…

  • It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture.
  • The texture is firm. Moreover, the structure of the finished product is firm, and the service life is long. Usually, this product is long-lasting.
  • This material is usually high-grade and suitable for making European-style furniture.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of This Plywood?

Oak plywoods have a few distinct characteristics that make them suitable for European-style furniture or traditional oak barrels. However, along with these advantages, there are a few downfalls to this plywood material. These are listed below.

  • There are relatively few high-quality tree species available at present. Most of them are imported from Russia and the United States. Some other names, like Turkey, Austria, and so on, are available. 
  • Due to the hard texture of oak, it is difficult to remove the water and furniture made without water may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half.
  • The phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood in the market is widespread. Therefore, professional knowledge is necessary for the customer’s interest.

White Oak Plywood

How To Identify Real And Fake Oak?

At present, a common phenomenon is at work where oak is replaced with rubber wood. This calls for the need to learn how to identify the quality of oak and the difference between oak furniture and counterfeit oak furniture. Here are a few tips to do so:

1. Whether The Wood Is Fine And Clean

Oak wood is thicker. So, if it is to be made into furniture, it should be painted in a dark colour. Therefore, one must be careful when buying dark-painted oak furniture. Look closely at the wood that isn’t painted with dark wood.

2. Whether The Wood Grain Is Clear And Beautiful

Oak furniture has a unique wood grain. The clearer the wood grain, the higher the value. This is related to the aesthetic level of the buyers. The closer to the real facts, the higher the value. The miscellaneous wood furniture does not have the unique pattern of oak furniture.

3. The Purity of The Wood Colour

It is best to choose the “natural colour type” for oak furniture. This is because its production method can best reflect the characteristics of the oak base colour. The surface coating should not change or disguise the true colour of the wood. This way it is easier to identify whether the material used for furniture is real oak or not.

3. The Dryness of The Wood

The oak texture is particularly hard and heavy. So, it is difficult to remove the water after the tree is felled. Most furniture dealers, eager to make a profit, start working when the wood is not dry. They usually make furniture, and the wood that has not been dehydrated begins to deform after a year and a half.


Thus, to buy white oak plywood, one must keep the above things in mind. Furniture is meant to last long and choosing the right material for it is very crucial. 

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