Who Is Fred Sirieix Wife? And Does He Have Children?

Fred Sirieix, the charming French maître d’hôtel, is best known for his role on Channel 4’s hit series “First Dates,” where he serves as the genial host. With his infectious enthusiasm for love and his sage advice on relationships, many viewers are naturally curious about his own romantic life. Specifically, people are interested in knowing who Fred Sirieix’s wife is and whether he has children.

Fred Sirieix’s Personal Life

While Fred Sirieix is quite open when it comes to discussing love and giving dating tips on television, he is relatively private about his own family affairs. Notoriously discreet when it comes to his personal relationships, Fred has managed to keep much of his private life under wraps.

Who is Fred Sirieix’s Partner?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, Fred Sirieix has not publicly shared extensive details about a current spouse or partner. He has, however, been linked romantically in the past to a woman referred to only as “Fruitcake” in his social media posts. The couple got engaged in March 2020, according to his Instagram account, but whether they have since married remains a private matter. Fred’s approach to his personal life is one of respect and discretion, which means that details about his partner are scarce.

Fred Sirieix’s Family

Does Fred Sirieix Have Children?

Yes, Fred Sirieix is a proud father. He has two children, a daughter named Andrea and a son named Lucien. His daughter Andrea Sirieix has made headlines of her own as an accomplished diver, representing Great Britain in international competitions. Fred often expresses his pride in his children’s achievements through his social media accounts, offering a glimpse into his family life and the close bond he shares with his offspring.

A Private Family Man

Despite his celebrity status and the public’s interest in his personal life, Fred Sirieix has successfully maintained a boundary between his work on television and his family life. His children, while occasionally mentioned, are not frequently featured in the media, and Fred appears to be a dedicated father who values the privacy and normalcy of his family.

Fred Sirieix and his children


In conclusion, while the public might be curious about Fred Sirieix’s wife and children, the beloved TV personality prefers to keep these aspects of his life out of the spotlight. He is a father to two children, who he clearly adores, and while he has shared his engagement news in the past, the current status of his romantic relationship remains private. Fans of Fred Sirieix appreciate not only his expertise in matters of the heart on screen but also his ability to navigate his personal life with grace and discretion off-screen.

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