Who Is Kountry Wayne? His Kids, Wife, Net Worth and Netflix Movies

Kountry Wayne, born Wayne Colley, is a multi-talented comedian, actor, and social media star. Known for his hilarious skits and relatable humor, he has built a massive online following. But who is Kountry Wayne beyond the laughs? This article delves into his personal life, including details about his kids, wife, net worth, and the movies he’s been a part of, especially on Netflix.

Who Is Kountry Wayne?

Kountry Wayne first gained popularity through his funny videos on social media. His comedic style often revolves around everyday life and relatable situations, making his content highly engaging and shareable. With millions of followers across various platforms, he has become a household name in comedy.

Early Life and Career

Born on December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia, Wayne Colley had humble beginnings. He initially pursued a career in music but eventually found his true calling in comedy. His rise to fame was fueled by his viral videos, which quickly garnered a significant following.

Kountry Wayne’s Family

Family is a significant part of Kountry Wayne’s life. He often shares snippets of his family life in his videos, making his content even more relatable.

Kountry Wayne’s Kids

Kountry Wayne has ten kids – quite the proud papa! Yes, you read that right—ten! He often speaks about his kids in his comedy routines and social media posts, giving fans a glimpse into his life as a dad. Each child holds a special place in his heart, and he strives to be a good father despite his busy career.

Kountry Wayne’s Wife

Kountry Wayne was previously married to Gena Colley. The couple has two children together. However, their relationship hit a rough patch, and they eventually divorced. Despite their separation, Wayne and Gena continue to co-parent their children effectively.

Wayne has been linked to other relationships over the years, but he tends to keep his romantic life relatively private. This approach helps him focus more on his career and family.

Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth

Kountry Wayne’s hard work and talent have paid off financially. As of 2024, Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth is around $2 million. This impressive figure is the result of various income streams, including his comedy tours, social media earnings, and acting roles.

Sources of Income

  1. Comedy Tours: Kountry Wayne frequently goes on comedy tours, performing live shows across the United States. These tours are often sold out, contributing significantly to his income.
  2. Social Media: With millions of followers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Wayne earns a substantial amount through ad revenue, sponsored posts, and partnerships.
  3. Acting: Kountry Wayne has also ventured into acting, appearing in movies and TV shows. This adds another lucrative stream to his income.

Kountry Wayne’s Netflix Movies

Kountry Wayne has expanded his career into acting, and he has been involved in several movies available on Netflix. He’s always showing off his comedic skills in his roles, which is why fans love him so much.

Popular Netflix Movies

While Kountry Wayne may not have a long list of Netflix-exclusive movies, his appearances in various films have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Some of his notable works include:

  1. “Holiday Heartbreak”: This romantic comedy features Kountry Wayne in a supporting role. The movie has been well-received for its humor and heartwarming storyline.
  2. “The Turnaround”: In this drama, Wayne plays a significant role that showcases his versatility as an actor. You can catch the movie on various streaming services, like Netflix.
  3. “Brazilian Wavy”: Another film where Kountry Wayne’s comedic talent shines. You’ve gotta see this movie if you’re a fan of his stuff.

Future Projects

Kountry Wayne is continually working on new projects, and fans can expect to see more of him on Netflix and other streaming platforms. His ability to blend comedy with relatable storytelling makes him a unique talent in the entertainment industry.


Kountry Wayne is more than just a comedian; he’s a dedicated father, a successful entrepreneur, and a versatile actor. His journey from humble beginnings to stardom is inspiring, and his ability to connect with audiences through humor makes him a standout figure in entertainment.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his work, there’s no denying that Kountry Wayne is a force to be reckoned with. From his heartwarming family stories to his laugh-out-loud comedy routines, he continues to win hearts and make people smile.

Stay tuned for more from Kountry Wayne, as he shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s on social media, live tours, or Netflix, you can be sure that he’ll keep bringing the laughs.

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