Why is Oak Plywood a Popular Choice?

The tropical hardwood that has gained a popular status all over North America, Asia, North Africa, and Europe is oak plywood. Well, it’s been used in the construction industry for over 150 years owing to its versatility. This hardwood is the preferred wood type for flooring for many people. This is because it provides adequate insulation and noise cancellation. Even though this particular plywood is not resistant to ultraviolet rays, you can maintain it with regular polish.

As you know, oak plywood is the sturdiest wood used in the construction and furniture industry. It is also one of the most popular and preferred woods regarding durability. Its high resistance to fungus, moisture, and grain structure makes it a popular choice. So, in today’s article, we shall discuss some of the significant aspects of oak plywood. Stay tuned to us to get all the details!

What Are the Uses of Oak Wood?

As we said earlier, oak wood belongs to the hardwood species prevalent in the construction and furniture industry. It is one of the most expensive woods because of its high durability. The density of this plywood is 704 kg/m3. Moreover, oak is termite, water, and rot resistant owing to natural chemicals and oils. 

You can use this plywood to make solid wood flooring, wall cladding, windows, boat-building, wine barrels, and many other things. Because of its high tensile strength and hard surface, the above items are easy to make. Now, let us look into the types of oak wood in the next section.

Why is Oak Plywood a Popular Choice?

How Many Types of Oak Wood Are There?

Well, there are more than 500 species of oak wood available in various places. However, only some species are useful, and only some major species are worth using. So there are two types of oak, red and white. Let us find out more about them:

Cherry bark Oak

According to the sources, cherry bark oak is the most popular species among all oak trees. Unfortunately, it does not offer very high resistance to rotting. Its popularity is due to its strength and durability. 

California Oak 

This is typically known as red-colored oak. It has a coarse grain structure and large pores. Due to its non-rotting feature, people popularly use it in making cabinet and kitchen flooring. 

Willow Oak

Do you know willow oak is a locally grown species in Eastern and Central US? Its name is Willow, and its leaves resemble the shape of a leaf. Moreover, people use this particular species in the paper and medicine industry. It mainly treats diseases such as chronic diarrhea and hemorrhage. The grains of this wood are fine and the pores are also very light.

Pin Oak

We commonly know this particular species as Swamp Oak. The name is due to its pin-leaf structure, which is broad with small and tender twigs. Contrary to other oak species, it grows relatively faster. In fact, its inner structure is also quite weak, so engineers use it for general construction. 

Bur Oak

Native Americans mainly used Bur Oak for treating broken bones, heart ailments, and astringents. It is none other than a medicinal tree. Found between Eastern and Midwestern America, it is one of the most durable woods. With a trunk diameter of 10 feet, engineers primarily use it to make furniture, cabinetry, and fence posts. 

What Are The Advantages of Using Oak Plywood?

By now, you must have got a brief idea about the uses and types of oak plywood; let us now shed some light on the advantages: 

  • It is a strong and durable option for furniture due to its close grains. 
  • The light to reddish brown color of this plywood makes it stand out in the crowd. 
  • Since oak’s cell structure is densely packed, it offers high resistance to water and does not rot easily. 
  • This plywood’s natural chemicals and oils prevent oak wood from shrinking and warping. 
  • Oak wood is often a popular choice for construction projects that call for moisture contact for a long time. However, its properties make it resistant to rotting. 

So, as we conclude, we can say that oak plywood is one of the most popular choices for construction and furniture making. Well, it is mainly due to its high tensile strength and various other uses. You can read through the above article to get an idea. 

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