How To Fill And Exchange Home Depot Propane Tanks?

People who use propane to light fireplaces and grills may occasionally need to refill or exchange empty home depot propane tanks. Since Home Depot is a popular hardware retailer, it is a common name that often crosses our minds. We may wonder if Home Depot can help fill or exchange our propane tank. The team did a lot of research and came up with the answer. Unfortunately, they do not fill the propane tanks. So, now, what to do next? To know more about that, let’s read further and find out.

Does Home Depot Fill And Exchange Propane Tanks?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not fill propane tanks. However, it does exchange them at selected Home Depot Propane Centers. A new propane tank typically costs around $20.97 with an exchange. But the price is around $50.97 if you do not have an old one to exchange. Some other stores, including Costco and Ace Hardware, refill propane tanks.

Despite selling a variety of propane tanks in various sizes, this company does not refill tanks. However, it offers propane tank exchange services. Home Depot does not refill propane tanks.

Now, the question might cross your mind: Why is it so? Working with propane and natural gas requires extensive training, permitting, and safety facilities. Besides that, only certified propane technicians are legally permitted to fill propane tanks. Some companies, like Home Depot, do not employ this type of technician, so they do not entertain refill orders. 

However, Home Depot does offer customers an alternate option. They can exchange empty propane tanks for tanks that have already been refilled by AmeriGas.

How Does Home Depot Propane Tank Exchange Work?

To exchange Propane Tanks, there are a few steps to follow:

  • First, you must bring the empty propane tank to any Home Depot location. You can also leave it in your car until you have paid for the exchange.
  • Then, one must visit a Home Depot register and let an employee know they would like to pay for a propane tank exchange. This costs around $22.98.
  • Now, after paying for the exchange, an employee will walk the customer out to an area outside the store. This is where the propane tanks are kept inside a locked compartment.
  • Retrieve the empty tank and give it to the employee. Now, one can head home with their full propane tank.

Home Depot accepts propane tank exchanges from any company. This also includes unlabeled tanks and expired tanks. 

Home Depot Propane

Can We Buy New Propane Tanks From Them?

If a person does not have any empty propane tanks to exchange, they can always purchase a new one. Pre-filled tanks are available at Home Depot instead. 

Home Depot sells new 20 lb. AmeriGas propane tanks for $68.47. They also sell empty tanks. One can buy them from BernzOmatic, Flame King, and Worthington. They can purchase 1 lb. BernzOmatic propane cylinder for $7.48.

Can We Return An Empty Propane Tank To Home Depot?

When a propane tank has depleted, one can bring it to one of the listed Propane Centers that operate Home Depot’s Propane Exchange Program. At these centres, one will be able to exchange an empty tank for a new one at a reduced cost. 

This is less as compared to buying a new one by following the given instructions:

  • You can bring your propane tank, but you should leave it outside the store before entering. You should never bring propane into a store.
  • The next step is to find a cashier and tell them that the person wants to purchase an exchange for their propane tank.
  • The cashier should then supply the customer with a 6-digit code at the bottom of their receipt.
  • Then, take the receipt to the kiosk outside Home Depot next to vending cages containing propane tanks.
  • To open the cage for your new propane tank, you must follow the instructions on the kiosk and enter your 6-digit code.
  • Then, remove the new tank from the cage, replace it with the old propane tank, and close the cage door.

Since Home Depot is a popular hardware retailer, it is a common name that often crosses our minds. However, they do not refill tanks. Customers have the option to exchange.

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