Why You Should Not Watch Movies From MyFlixer?

If you are a fan of movies and shows, you must have heard about OTT platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar are some of those. However, there are many websites that stream movies for free, too. Sometimes, people seek free content on the internet due to the high prices of subscriptions. This often leads to scams and hacking. There are frequent pop-ups and advertisements that lead to third-party sites. These may pose threats to your appliance and harm your privacy. There are many internet sites that provide free content. MyFlixer is another website that has free films and shows. Let’s gain a deeper insight into myFlixer. 

What is MyFlixer?

MyFlixer is a website that allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. It is an online streaming platform, much like an OTT. myFlixer provides these shows to be watched even in HD resolution and others prior to it. These can be downloaded However, the movies that can be streamed for free are mostly pirated. They do not have copyright approval to stream them for free. The shows are mostly pirated, which is deemed illegitimate. One can watch movies and shows from myFlixer via mobiles, personal computers and even tablets. But it is mostly advisable not to watch movies from myFlixer. Here’s why:

Why you should not watch or download from myFlixer? 

myFlixer is a pirated platform. It stores movies and shows without any consent. A movie becomes vulnerable to piracy once it is released on screen, cinema halls or OTT. There are some who record the shows through recording apps. Then these very movies and shows are put on websites to be streamed for free. MyFlixer stores all the popular shows, from classics to the trending. But there are reasons why you shouldn’t view content there. A pirated website will always have mirror or proxy sites. This means the extensions attached to it will vary. myFlixer also comes with several extensions due to piracy. Some extensions like .com, .to, and .in are added to the main host. myFlixerer also has other domains that allow free movie streaming. These illegal sites keep shutting down one after another due to copyright strikes. Once down, another proxy site comes up bearing all the movies and shows again. These contain pop-ups and ads that tend to harm your device. 

Is myFlixer an in-built virus?

Is myFlixer an in-built virus

There is often confusion among people on this issue. myFlixer is not a virus in itself. It can be otherwise termed as a proxy server with malware adverts. When you get inside myFlixer, it doesn’t readily let you enter the website, only after some pop-ups and ads. These popping-up advertisements may have harmful viruses that corrupt your security. Since myFlixer is blocked in many countries, it has other proxy sites. These let you enter the site to stream your favorite movies for free. Even though you are not paying for the site, the risk of viruses can be too much to compensate for. The proxy sites can take you to an attractive spot to wheedle you. The very spot might have harmful consequences, sometimes crashing your device.  Even if myFlixer is not a virus, surfing can attract malware. 

What possible threats can myFlixer have?

Some potential threats can harm your device. It can also spread misinformation and ask for your personal details. There are scammers that target these websites to procure traffic. Some of the instance’s are given below:

Pop-ups- MyFlixer has some pop-ups when entering. Every time you enter it, the site will ask you to enable push notifications. These are a way to trick you and get you into trouble. Once you allow it, there will be a swarm of adverts coming your way. 

Maximizing security—Some scamming websites play the sincere well-wisher. They will tell you that your device is at risk and prompt you to purchase a virus protection app. This is fake, and you should not fall for it. These fake virus warnings may worry you but don’t fall for them. Always trust the built-in antivirus or Defender software on your device. 

MyFlixer App- MyFlixer’s proxy sites may give you a user-friendly option. They will ask you to download their own app. However, one can download it in the apk version from an unknown source. These unknown sources pose threats and can hamper your personal data.

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