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You must remember Mary Jo Jackson Shively from the sitcom Designing Women. The lady also played Lenore in the bone-tickling comedy sitcom Two and a Half Men. She has also gained fame due to her role in Ghostbusters. Janine Melnitz is our group’s universal favorite confidante. The chemistry between Egon Spengler and Janine has quite stirred the ghost-bustling plot. Moreover, Janine’s later developments with Louis Tully have also been the talk of many. Nonetheless, Ghostbusters has always tickled our funny bones and amused us with its supernatural elements. Who played them all? Let’s dive into the stardom of Janine Melnitz’s alter-ego, her real character:

Who is Annie Potts?

The full name of Annie Potts is Anne Hampton Potts. She took birth on October 28, 1952. Anne was born in the capital state of Tennessee in the US. She is an American actress with a brief period of work. Her universal acclaim mostly accounts for her role as Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters. Potts has also received accolades for Designing Women. She had played Mary Jo Shively in the sitcom. Potts has also worked for audiobooks such as Telegraph Days. She is currently 71 years of age. Above all, she has made quite some landmarks in her expertise and career.

Potts’ Early Life: Her Alma Mater

Annie Potts is the third child of Dorothy Harris and Powell Grisette Potts. Potts was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She spent her childhood in Franklin, Kentucky, with her two elder sisters. Moreover, she also did her high school at Franklin-Simpson High School. She graduated from the same in 1971. Potts was interested in theatre and arts from the very beginning. She had opted for theatre studies. Thus, she attended Stephens College in Columbia and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Eventually, she made her debut in Corvette Summer. The film came out in 1978, and Potts set her first milestone on the big screens.

Annie Potts; Who Breathed Life Into Janine Melnitz

Don’t we all love to watch Annie Potts on Ghostbusters? Her first appearance in the 1984 film was worth the amusement. She also appeared in The Real Ghostbusters, with several changes to Janine’s character. Furthermore, Potts reprised her role as Janine in Ghostbusters II and Extreme Ghostbusters. Additionally, she played her part in the 2021 film Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The face of Potts as Janine had become irreplaceable and acute. She was also featured in QuickBooks commercials in 2020. This happened during the shooting of the 2021 film Afterlife of the Ghostbuster franchise. The chemistry between Janine and Egon had grabbed a lot of attention. However, she got together with Louis Tully in Ghostbusters II. But Janine’s attraction for Egon had rebounded afterward.

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Who is Potts’ current husband?

Annie Potts is currently married to James Hayman. He is an American television producer. Additionally, he is a director and a cinematographer. Potts has had a series of marriages and divorces. She was first engaged to Steven Hartley from 1973 to 1978. Afterwards, she married Greg Antonacci but they took a divorce after two years. Potts had married B. Scott Senechal in 1981. They had stayed together for a period of eight years until their divorce in 1989. Eventually, she married James Hayman, her current husband. Potts has three children. She has one with B. Scott Senechal and the other two with Hayman.

Has she encountered a fatal accident?

Potts had previously got into a fatal accident. She was with her former husband, Steven Hartley, at that time. She had encountered a car crash. As a result, several bones below her waist broke. Additionally, she also experienced compound fractures in both of her legs. She also lost the heel of her right foot. Her husband, Harley, lost his left leg in the process.

What was Potts’ career composed of?

Annie Potts debuted in the comedy film Corvette Summer. Her role in the film and her nomination for the Golden Globe award in 1979. She also won the Genie Award for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress in 1982 for Heartaches. Potts had also played Edith Bedelmeyer in the comedy series Goodtime Girls. However, the show didn’t run for long and lived on the screens for a short time. We already know that she is famous for her characters, Mary Jo Jackson Shively and Janine Melnitz. Additionally, she made her debut on Broadway upon playing God of Carnage. Potts had succeeded Hope Davis for the same role on November 17, 2009.

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