Boost Your Memory Capacity With Google Memory Game

Today’s technology has far surpassed early science and paved the way for development. We often come around self-help books and remedies to boost our brain activities. Furthermore, we have also taken a great liking to playing Google Memory Game. Eventually, the human mind takes up challenging tasks in day-to-day life. These require the strength of memory and the capacity to remember things.

They speed up the process of thinking and allow better remembering. Games can be of immense help when it comes to memory. You can boost your memory’s capacity by playing some games. These are perhaps simple, softcore ones and solely dedicated to the purpose of the human mind’s betterment. Some memory games are available online. Google provides these games and additionally, they also come for free.

What Is The Google Memory Game?

Google provides its users with a memory game based on remembering things. One can play these games from Google’s web browser on any appliance. Moreover, these games also come for free. All you need to have is an online connection. That’s all!! You’ll be ready to perform memory tricks on your brain. Google’s memory game features four animals at the start. These are turtles, pufferfish, jellyfish, and octopus. You see how these animals are mostly marine.

Eventually, these creatures make sounds at the start. They squelch, swish and make adorable sounds with creative visuals. The Google Memory Game also provides other memory games. Additionally, you can also play games like Pac-Man, Snake & Ladders, Chess, etc. Let’s take a look at the procedure to play this game.

How To Play The Game

You can go to any browser of your choice to play these games. Moreover, these games support playing in any browser, other than Google. You may also play these on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. As the name suggests, playing the memory game requires a certain sense of memory. It tests how much you can remember things. Thus, the games always pivot around multiple sounds and visuals at a stretch. Eventually, the game asks you to place them serially, in the correct order.

The game firstly deals with the aforesaid animals. These aquatic animals make sounds and exchange places with haphazard visuals. Eventually, your task becomes remembering the sequences correctly.

Steps To Open Google Memory Game:

  1. Sign in to any browser of your choice. It can be Google, Microsoft, Safari, or any other web browser.
  2. Type “Google Memory Game” on the google search bar.
  3. Now, press Enter.
  4. The new web page appears, displaying the memory game homepage.
  5. Click on the Play button.
  6. Select a memory game of your choice.

How Many Memory Games Are Available?

Google provides a wide range of memory games. These are not centric only upon those four sea creatures. Furthermore, memory training also comes in variations. Your brain can perceive colors, visuals, sounds and other sensations. In addition, it also stores data voluntarily. You are the master of your memory. So, remember your capacity to sharpen your memory while playing these games. Google’s Memory Games have some of the best brain training exercises.

These improve concentration, cognitive skills and of course, the power to remember more. Furthermore, these games also provide a lot of entertainment. Some of them are Lights, Remembery, Design Blast, and others.

Lights: A Memory Game

Lights is one of the games from Google Memory Games. It showcases colorful lights which deal with remembering. Furthermore, this game has more than 15 modes, allowing you to play the game differently. Additionally, you can also access local multiplayer gaming. Lights is a useful game to build your remembering and reflexive skills. Moreover, you can also compete in leaderboards and secure your place in the top charts.


This is a great game to build cognition and boost memory. You require concentration and a speedy mind to remember sequences. Moreover, NeuroNation is a game with its primary focus on improving your human brain. It has more than 34 exercises and 300 levels. Additionally, the game tracks the progress of your brain after every game. As the name suggests, the game has scientific approaches. NeuroNation can be useful to develop and also monitor your brain’s progress.

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