Everything That You Need To Know About Archie Madekwe

The British actor Archie Madekwe has made a milestone in the film industry. We see him in the See series that ran from 2019 till 2022. Additionally, he made his West End debut in The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? The actor has not only taken part in films but also in television series. Do you remember the thrilling scenarios from the film Saltburn? The actor plays Felix’s cousin in the same film. The actor also starred in Les Miserables, which was based on Victor Hugo’s series, which had a similar name. Besides films and television series, he has also done stage plays. Notable among them are The Goat, Who Is Sylvia? and Further than the Furthest Thing. Let’s dive into the world of the concerned Brit actor.

Who is Archie Madekwe?

Archie Madekwe is a British actor who is currently 29 years of age. He was born on February 10, 1995, in South London. He grew up in the Lambeth district of London, England. Initially, Archie struggled with his former life due to the rifts he had with his parents. They had both taken a divorce when he was young. Do you remember Ashley Madekwe? She played Bambi in the Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She is the cousin of Archie Madekwe. Archie had his education from LAMDA, a BRIT school. LAMDA is an academy for learning music and dramatic arts. He left the academy earlier due to his selection in the West End debut.

What is Archie’s Career Composed Of?

Archie had his first television debut in the BBC drama Casualty. It came out in 2014, and he made a guest appearance in the series. Eventually, he also played the role of Luca in two episodes of Fresh Meat in 2016. Archie Madekwe performed at the Theater Royal Haymarket for his West End debut in 2017. He had the opportunity to act with Damian Lewis and Sophie Okonedo. Later, the casting director of Teen Spirit laid eyes on his performance in the theatre. The director soon chose him for the role of Luke. Additionally, he also played Kofun in the See series of 2019. Madekwe also took part in the film Voyagers in 2021. Additionally, Colin Farrell and Lily-Rose Depp were also there as characters in the film. Archie also gave voice to Sedgwick from Netflix’s series Love, Death & Robots.

What Other Films and TV Shows Has He Done?

Madekwe played Benjamin Mason in the episode of “To Yourself Be True” in Casualty. He has also starred in Informer, a 2018 British drama series. Archie played the role of Eddy in Informer. Additionally, he has also played Jackson Bailey in three episodes of Hang Ups(2018). Archie played four roles in four films in 2023. He played Jann Mardenborough and Ivo in Gran Turismo and Heart of Stone, respectively. Eventually, he also played the laughing man in Beau Is Afraid. The character of Farleigh Start in Saltburn has also been played by Archie.

ethnic race of Nigerian-Swiss descent - apzomedia.co.uk

What Does Archie Say About Watching His Own Films?

Madekwe is not quite comfortable with looking at himself on the big screens. He feels cringed at the moment. Additionally, Archie told an interviewer that he had a hard time sitting with 2,000 people. He shared his experience of becoming hypercritical in the process. It happened during the screening of Saltburn. Madekwe terms this act of sitting through your act as a “lovely feeling”. Moreover, he explained that he felt like an outsider while watching his work

What is Archie’s Ethnicity?

Archie’s father belonged to the ethnic race of Nigerian-Swiss descent. However, his mother was British. Although his parents separated when he was young, he didn’t back down. He said in an interview that it was some sort of push for him. The independence he got from an early age pushed him further. Furthermore, it propelled him to the height of his success. Archie said in an interview that he was grateful. Above all, he faced his emotions at an early age, and it helped him become aware. Archie Madekwe has always been proud of his race. He is a firm believer in his background and supports the Black Curriculum. Additionally, he takes a deep interest in British history and culture. The Black Curriculum movement advocates for the same. Above all, they raise awareness of their enriched heritage and educate their culture.

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