Jason Kelce Net Worth 2024: Inside the Wealth of Kylie Kelce Husband

When it comes to the NFL, the Kelce brothers have become household names. With Travis Kelce’s prominence as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason Kelce’s reputation as the stalwart center for the Philadelphia Eagles, fans and analysts alike often discuss their impact on the field. Off the field, however, there’s growing curiosity about their financial success, especially Jason Kelce’s net worth, his career earnings, and his personal life, including his wife. In this article, we’ll dissect the Jason Kelce Net Worth, compare it to his brother Travis, and explore the details of their salaries.

Jason Kelce’s Net Worth

Jason Kelce, the older of the Kelce siblings, has made a significant impact on the football field. His net worth reflects his career success, and while exact numbers can be difficult to pinpoint due to varying sources, it’s widely reported that Jason Kelce Net Worth is estimated around $30 million dollars.

Career Earnings and Contracts

Since his entry into the NFL in 2011, Jason Kelce has signed multiple contracts with the Philadelphia Eagles. His rookie contract, subsequent extensions, and restructured deals have all contributed to his earnings. Notably, his latest contract extension in 2021, which includes a no-trade clause, indicates the Eagles’ commitment to keeping him on the team.

Endorsements and Investments

While the details of his endorsements and investments are not as publicized as his NFL contracts, it’s common for players of his caliber to have additional income streams from sponsorships and personal investments.

How Much Money Is Travis Kelce Worth?

Travis Kelce, Jason’s younger brother, has also carved out an impressive career. His net worth is often compared to his brother’s, and while the figures can vary, Travis’s net worth is generally in the same multi-million dollar range, if not higher due to his visibility and success as a tight end.

Travis Kelce’s Salaries and Contracts

Travis Kelce’s financial standing is heavily influenced by his NFL contracts, including a significant extension signed in 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs. This contract totally made him one of the highest-paid tight ends in the league.

Travis Kelce’s Off-Field Earnings

In addition to his NFL earnings, Travis Kelce has made a name for himself with endorsements and a reality TV show appearance, which contribute to his overall net worth.

What Are the Kelce Brothers’ Salaries?

The salaries of the Kelce brothers are a testament to their skills and importance to their respective teams.

Jason Kelce’s Salary

Jason Kelce’s salary has seen significant increases over the years. His latest contract extension reportedly guarantees him millions per season, showcasing his value to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Travis Kelce’s Salary

Similarly, Travis Kelce’s salary reflects his elite status in the NFL. His lucrative contract extension with the Chiefs ensures he remains one of the top earners at his position.

Travis Kelce Net Worth vs Jason Kelce

While both brothers have earned considerable wealth through their NFL careers, there are nuances that can make direct comparisons challenging.

Factors Influencing Net Worth

The net worth of an NFL player is influenced by several factors, including the length of their career, the size of their contracts, their spending habits, and their off-field earnings. In the case of the Kelce brothers, both have had successful careers, but Travis’s off-field endeavors may give him a slight edge in overall net worth.

The Role of Marketability

Travis Kelce’s high-profile personality and marketability have likely opened doors to endorsement deals and opportunities beyond what Jason has pursued, contributing to the differences in their net worth.

Jason Kelce’s Personal Life

Who Is Jason Kelce’s Wife?

Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce, is often a topic of interest for fans. The couple got married in 2018, and she has been a supportive figure throughout his career. They share a life together that, while private, occasionally makes its way into the public eye through social media and community events.

Family and Philanthropy

Jason Kelce is not only a family man but also involved in philanthropic efforts. He and his wife are known to give back to the community, which speaks volumes about their values beyond the football field.

How Much Has Jason Kelce Made in His Career?

Over the years, Jason Kelce has earned tens of millions through his NFL contracts alone. His exact career earnings can be calculated by adding up his salaries, bonuses, and other financial incentives from his rookie season to the present.

The Value of Longevity

Jason Kelce’s longevity in the league has played a crucial role in his career earnings. Being a consistent starter and a key player for the Eagles for over a decade has ensured a steady income stream.

The Impact of Performance

His performance on the field, including multiple Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl victory, has undoubtedly factored into his contract negotiations, further bolstering his earnings.


Jason Kelce’s wealth is the result of a successful NFL career, marked by substantial contracts, likely endorsements, and savvy financial management. When comparing his net worth to that of his brother Travis, it’s clear that both Kelce brothers have secured their financial futures through their football prowess and off-field endeavors.

Their salaries reflect their importance to their respective teams, and while Travis may have the edge in marketability, Jason’s career earnings and personal life, including his marriage to Kylie McDevitt Kelce, paint a picture of a well-rounded and grounded individual.

As fans continue to celebrate the Kelce brothers’ on-field achievements, their financial acumen and lives away from the limelight remain equally impressive. Jason Kelce’s wealth is not just a testament to his skill as an athlete, but also to his character and dedication to his family and community.

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