Why Are Camel Spiders So Fascinating? Essential Facts To Know

Camel Spider, also known as the wind scorpion, has become relatively famous owing to their intriguing appearance. There’s no doubt that those who love to collect information about different types of bugs and insects have become curious to know about these little creatures. So, from the name itself, we can pretty much guess it’s a spider, right? However, don’t go by the name because it’s neither a spider nor a scorpion. Rather, camel spiders belong to the Arachnida class. In other words, it’s closer to spiders than scorpions. That said, we can’t call it a true spider because it has some aspects of a scorpion. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most misunderstood creatures due to its appearance and name.

Moreover, there are a lot of myths surrounding this creature. If you want to know about this Arachnida species, you are at the right place. Here, we will share some intriguing facts about the Camel spider. From the basic idea to their appearance, we will discuss every vital aspect of this insect.

What Are the Camel Spiders?

According to the reports, Camel Spider refers to a type of wind scorpion or wind spider. There are plenty of names for this insect. For example, some call it a sun spider, while others say it’s a wind spider. So, the fascinating aspect about these spiders is that they are the most misunderstood creatures.

Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t spiders or scorpions but belong to the archnida class or the Solifugae order. So, one should note that you can find these arachnids in desert regions around the world, specifically in the Middle East and the Southwestern USA. Moreover, these camel spiders are also quite famous because of their gigantic size. Interestingly, these spiders can reach up to six inches in length.

What Are the Camel Spiders? Apzo Media

Moreover, they also have a hairy appearance like most arachnids. Additionally, these creatures have large jaws. So, these are the reasons some people are fearful of these creatures. However, readers must know that these little arachnids aren’t venomous at all, and pose little to no harm to humans.

So, people call these spiders/scorpions camel spiders because of a myth that they can leap onto camels and burrow straight into their stomachs. Yet in reality, these creatures are nonaggressive to larger animals or human beings unless someone provokes them.

Moreover, one should also note that these are nocturnal creatures. So, that’s the reason why they prefer hunting insects and small animals at night, like most of the sub-species. Additionally, camel spiders are interesting creatures because people often misunderstand them.

The Myths Surrounding the Camel Spider

If you are someone who wants to know about the camel spider, then you are at the right place. According to the reports, these spiders have become a topic of myths and rumors. As a result, it’s easy to misunderstand these creatures. So, one of the most common myths surrounding these spiders is that they are venomous.

However, as we said, contrary to this belief, these creatures aren’t venomous at all. While they do have strong jaws that can hurt you, they pose no threat to life. Yet, one should note that they use digestive fluid to liquefy their victim’s flesh. As such, it makes it easy for them to suck the remains of their victims into their mouths. There’s another myth that states that these are larger than spiders.

While some are larger, these creatures can grow up to six inches. Besides these, there’s another popular belief that these creatures can run as fast as a human being. However, this is also a false statement. Even though a camel spider is swift, and its top speed is around ten miles per hour, it doesn’t surpass human speed.

How To Identify a Camel Spider?

Last but not least, let’s talk about how you can identify a camel spider. According to the reports, a camel spider can reach up to six inches in length. Moreover, their body colors also vary, from brown to beige color. You can also easily recognize these creatures from their large jaws, which they use to hunt down prey.

Moreover, they have eight legs like a spider and an additional pair of appendages. From a behavioral aspect, these spiders are nocturnal creatures. As a result, they love to prey or hunt at night, during a cooler time. As for their life span, these spiders generally live for around a year.

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