All About Football Quarterback Arch Manning

The American football quarterback has played for the Texas Longhorns. Arch Manning achieved some milestones during his freshman year. Additionally, he has made his debut on national television for scoring two touchdowns. The 18-year-old player made this milestone in a game against Booker T Washington. In addition, he even rushed for two more after scoring those two touchdowns. Let’s dive into the exceptional quarterback’s contributions to football!

Who is Arch Manning?

The full name of Arch Manning is Archibald Charles Manning. He took birth on April 27, 2005, and is currently 18 years of age. Arch is an American, and his parents are Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder. Manning is the grandson of Elisha Archibald Manning, who played football for 13 seasons(1971-1982). Arch Manning, now 18, is in his freshman year of high school. He has taken up a major in the Department of Communication and Leadership. He has a towering height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 96 kg. Currently, he is playing quarterback for The Texas Longhorns. Arch belongs to the Manning family, a reputed generation of American football players.

All About The Manning Family

Internationally, everyone considers the Manning Family to be a dynasty in American football. The descendants of this pedigree have mostly played the quarterback position in football. The first person from the Manning family to play football was Archie Manning. He hailed from Mississippi and started his journey in the National Football League(NFL). Archie mostly played for the New Orleans Saints, which is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. In conclusion, three Mannings have had their successful careers in American football. Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning played collegiately in the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA). The Mannings have significant achievements in football. They have gained a handsome number of awards, like 3 Super Bowl MVP awards and 5 ESPY Awards. Additionally, the Mannings also had 6 Super Bowl appearances.

What is Arch Manning’s Career Composition?

Manning has played football in his high school. He completed his freshman season from the Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. Arch Manning has proven his vitality as a quarterback position all throughout his career. Additionally, he had even secured the position of the captain for Newman in 2022. Let’s go through his performance in the following seasons:


Arch had opened up for his high school, Isidore Newman School, as a freshman quarterback. He was the first one from Newman to open for the season after at least 40 years. Manning led his team to victory in a 26-point win in his early debut. The final season was set for a match between Newman and Dunham high schools. Unfortunately, Manning only scored 71 yards on 20 attempts and 10 completions. His team had lost the game by 22-20. However, Manning scored six touchdowns against the defence from David Guillot in his sophomore season. Eventually, he made his national debut on television on October 15, 2020. Additionally, Newman also beat Cohen in a merciless 76-0, scoring five touchdowns. He had unfortunately finished less than 50% of his passes. Eventually, this led to the team’s defeat against Lafayette Christian Academy by 21-7.


Manning became the opening quarterback for his high school in his junior season of 2021. The first game was against Vanderbilt Catholic. He had passed for 258 yards, and Newman gained victory by 28 points. Additionally, he had also reached 11-of-11 for 179 yards. It was a 70-0 win against Fisher. In conclusion, Manning had stats of throwing for 1,841 yards, 26 touchdowns and 4 interceptions while having 6 rushing touchdowns. He became the senior captain of the Newman football team for the 2022 season. Manning threw for 356 yards and scored 7 touchdowns in a 59-7 victory. He had surpassed Eli by breaking his record of 7,268 passing yards in his career. Additionally, he had also surpassed Peyton’s record of 93 career touchdowns.

What Was His Career At College?

Manning unfortunately didn’t win the starting job after playing for Team Orange. Eventually, Quinn Ewers replaced Manning to become the starting quarterback. Additionally, Maalik Murphy became the backup quarterback. Manning embarked on his collegiate debut in a game against Texas Tech. The game took place on November 24, 2023. Above all, Manning completed 2-of-5 passing attempts for 30 yards during the third quarter of a blowout win.

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