What Is Box Office Mojo? Explored

Box Office Mojo has established itself as a reputed American website that aims to track down the box office revenue for films. So, there’s one aspect that makes it stand apart from the rest of similar companies. As per the reports, this website tracks down the revenue of a movie in a systematic way.

In other words, it follows a specific set of algorithms to work. As per the reports, the site was founded back in 1998 by Brandon Gray. Later, IMDB purchased this site in 2008, which Amazon owns. So, for those of you who want to know what this site is all about, it’s a film, box office revenue type of site.

According to the reports, this website is available in English. Follow along with this article to learn more about this site. For example, we will share details such as why this site has become popular and how it operates. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find all the riveting facts about this site.

What Is Box Office Mojo?

According to the reports, Box Office Mojo is a US-based website that tracks down box office records or revenue in a systematic manner. So, as per the reports, Brandon Gray found this site back in 2008. However, as mentioned earlier, IMDB later purchased the site’s rights. One should note that Amazon currently owns IMDB. Brandon launched this site on August 7, 1998.

So, one should note that this site is used to make forecasts of the top 10 highest-grossing movies in the USA for the weekend. At present, Box Office Mojo provides amazing box office data for more than 60 countries and territories. So, a lot of readers may like to know that at present, IMDBPro owns this site.

As such, this site provides details for the films on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Moreover, one should also note that this site includes a selection of the all-time rankings. Additionally, it provides the users with a release calendar for the upcoming films.

Is Box Office Mojo Down?

There are a lot of internet users who cannot access the old site of Box Office Mojo. As a result, they have raised questions on social media, such as, what happened to that site? Well, one should know that the previous site didn’t work out.

The developers of this site stopped doing the weekend reports. Unfortunately, there are no reports available as to why this site failed. Even though IMDB owned this site, or rather, acquired the rights to the site back in 2008, it failed to prosper later. As a result, the previous website shut down.

However, Box Office Mojo has returned once again, and this time, with a better interface. The weekly reports have also been consistent now. In other words, we can say that they have found their old mojo back. For those of you who want to access the old site, it’s no longer available. According to IMDB, the updated version of the Box Office Mojo has replaced the old one. This time, the IMDbPro site has taken the helm of this site.

The New Changes To The Box Office Mojo

As revealed earlier, Box Office Mojo has returned with an updated look. Even though the previous site didn’t work for some reason, IMDbPro has revived the site with new updates. According to the official website of IMDB, the new site has a better interface to make it faster to use.

Moreover, the developers have also added a mobile-friendly version to the site, considering a majority of the audience access the site through phone. Additionally, they have created a new, and simpler navigation structure to ensure the site locates key data and provides them to users.

How Does Box Office Mojo Acquire Data?

This is a perennial question that a lot of users may have had. According to the reports, Box Office Mojo receives movie box office-related data from a lot of sources. For example, they can get data from film studios, distributors, sales agents, and also from other agents around the globe. Most importantly, they only want to provide the authentic data.


In the end, Box Office Mojo has become a fascinating website for providing box office-related information. Movie buffs love to check out the numbers of their favorite movies. As such, this site strives to provide only authentic information.

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