Tesla Cybertruck: All About Elon Musk’s New Innovation

The concept of Tesla’s Cyber Truck came out in November 2021. The vehicle has a typical triangulated design. It also comes with a metal body made of stainless steel. Elon Musk’s company formerly planned to bring the truck to market in 2021. However, some delays postponed the process, and the first of those was delivered in November 2023. The models that were showcased are:

  • The tri-motor all-wheel drive(AWD)
  • A di-motor AWD model
  • A rear-wheel drive(RWD) model

The EPA range for the Cyber Trucks is between 250-340 miles, according to their models.

The ideas that progressed the Cyber Truck

It was in 2012 when Elon Musk first came up with the idea of the Cyber Truck. He had said that he was making a “Tesla super truck with crazy torque, dynamic air suspension and corners like it’s on rails”. Musk had previously indicated that the new Cyber Truck would be equivalent to the Ford F-150. It seemed that the film Blade Runner was largely behind the inspiration of the Cyber Truck. Elon Musk teased the Tesla innovation at the official reveal for Tesla Semi and Roadster in 2017. Tesla employed a chassis on the cyber truck that was similar to that of its van. The concept finally met, cutting its red ribbons in November 2019. Releasing the car on the same date and location as Blade Runner shows Elon’s craze for badass fiction.

The Ecological Concept

The tesla cybertruck is a four-door crew cab pick-up truck. Tesla Motors specifically designed the truck to reduce vehicle fossil fuel consumption. It runs on a 123 kWh lithium ion+50 kWh battery, with an optional range extender. Tesla launched the Cyber truck, but it kept the interests of energy consumption in mind. The goal was to substitute for the roughly 6,500 fossil-fuel-powered trucks sold in a day in the US. The Cyberquad charges the Cyber truck. Tesla’s Cyberquad All-Terrain Vehicle(ATV) charges the truck through a built-in ramp in the tailgate. This was shown in a 2019 presentation. In the same year, tesla cybertruck was chosen as the “Concept Car of the Year”.

The Flooding Reservations for Tesla’s New Technology

Tesla Cyber Truck started accepting reservations in November 2019 itself. The reservation count had gone up to 250,000 within three days since its reveal. The company started work on the truck’s modifications in late 2021. The remodelled Cyber truck had a large windshield wiper. In addition to that, Tesla also removed the truck’s front light bar. However, the 2023 model was to have some altered features and pricing for new specifications. Reservations soared to 2 million, placing the delivery event on November 30, 2023. The deposit price went up to 250 dollars from $100 on the same date. The demand for Tesla Cyber trucks pertained to close registrations until 2027.

The Art That Made Tesla’s Cybertruck

James Bond had actually set the bar high for Elon Musk’s desire to build the Cybertruck. The roots of its inspiration stem from Blade Runner and “Wet Nellie”. The truck also derives from James Bond’s Lotus Esprit in the film The Spy Who Loved Me. The anagram “Why doesn’t the future look like the future?” found its calling in the presentation. The designers for the Tesla cybertruck were Franz von Holzhausen and Sahm Jafari. He stated that the design for the Cybertruck started with “this exoskeleton idea”. Eventually, this led to the portrayal of a clay model of a low-resolution-looking truck to Elon. In the end, Elon Musk approved the idea. Furthermore, the company invented a manufacturing process called “air bending” for the stainless steel panels. These have a thickness of 1.8 and 1.4 mm for the door and body, respectively.

Appreciation and Criticism

Many vehicle enthusiasts and critics have several opinions on the new Tesla Cybertruck. The art director of Blade Runner, Syd Mead, termed it as “stylistically breathtaking”. Although Frank Stephenson initially called the model repulsive, he stated that it “has the potential to be extremely beautiful”. Automotive designer Adrian Clarke was very critical of the design, terming it as a “low polygon joke”. Despite its ecological pros, many have criticized the truck’s bulky exterior. However, the exoskeleton is made of stainless steel, which helps prevent dents, damage and corrosion. Some owners have lately complained about the panels’ misalignment. Celebrities like Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber have revealed their purchase of the Cybertruck. DJ Steve Aoki has also joined the list.

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