10 Best Shirts For Screen Printing

Shirts For Screen Printing is a popular method for creating custom apparel, but not all shirts are created equal when it comes to this technique. The right base garment can greatly affect the final result, and with an endless variety of t-shirts available, it’s important to choose wisely. If you’re looking to create some vibrant, long-lasting designs, you need to start with the right canvas.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the 10 best Shirts For Screen Printing. Whether you’re a business looking to print promotional shirts or an individual artist working on a unique project, these options will ensure your designs look sharp and stand the test of time.

Understanding the Screen Printing Process

Before we dive into the best Shirts For Screen Printing, let’s quickly review what screen printing involves. It’s a process where ink is pushed through a mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil blocks the ink from reaching certain areas, creating a precise design. This technique is ideal for producing vivid colors and can be used on various materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

Understanding the Screen Printing Process- Apzomedia

Factors to Consider

When choosing a shirt for screen printing, consider the following factors:

  • Fabric Type: Different fabrics hold ink differently. Cotton is known for its absorbency, which makes it a great candidate for screen printing. Polyester blends can also work well but may require a different type of ink or pretreatment.
  • Shirt Color: Light-colored shirts generally provide the best canvas for screen printing, especially for vibrant designs. Dark shirts can also be used but might need a white under-base layer of ink to ensure the colors pop.
  • Weave Density: A tighter weave will usually result in a sharper print as there is a smoother surface for the ink to adhere to.

The Best Shirts For Screen Printing

Here are the top 10 shirts that are perfect for your next screen printing project:

1. Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Gildan is a go-to brand for screen printers due to the durability and smoothness of their shirts. The Ultra Cotton T-shirt is 100% cotton with a tight weave, making it an excellent choice for screen printing.

2. Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tee

This tee is favored for its softness and slightly heathered appearance. The Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tee is a blend of combed and ring-spun cotton, which creates a high-quality, smooth surface for screen printing.

3. Hanes Beefy-T

Known for its thickness and durability, the Hanes Beefy-T has a high stitch density that provides a solid base for screen printing. It’s a reliable choice for a premium-feeling end product.

4. American Apparel Fine Jersey Crewneck T-Shirt

American Apparel shirts are synonymous with quality. Their Fine Jersey Crewneck T-Shirt offers a lightweight yet opaque surface, ideal for detailed screen printing.

5. Anvil Lightweight Tee

If you’re looking for a lighter option, the Anvil Lightweight Tee is perfect. It’s a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality, providing a smooth and even surface for printing.

6. Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton HD T-Shirt

This shirt from Fruit of the Loom features a high-density fabric that’s specially designed for screen printing. The Heavy Cotton HD T-Shirt is a great choice for those who want a sharp, clear print without breaking the bank.

7. Next Level Apparel Premium Fitted Crew

Next Level Apparel is another favorite among screen printers. The Premium Fitted Crew is a soft and stretchy tee that works well for detailed designs thanks to its fine-knit surface.

8. Jerzees Dri-Power Active T-Shirt

For those looking to print on performance wear, the Jerzees Dri-Power Active T-Shirt is an excellent option. Its moisture-wicking properties make it a practical choice for sporty or outdoor events.

9. Port & Company Essential Tee

The Essential Tee from Port & Company is a versatile shirt that comes in a wide range of colors, making it a perfect choice for vibrant screen prints. It’s a durable shirt that holds up well to repeated washings.

10. Comfort Colors Ringspun Garment-Dyed T-shirt

If you’re aiming for a vintage or washed-out look, the Comfort Colors Ringspun Garment-Dyed T-shirt is the way to go. The unique dyeing process gives each shirt a distinctive look that can add character to your screen-printed designs.

Screen Printing on Tie Dye Shirts

Screen Printing on Tie Dye Shirts- Apzo Media

Tie dye shirts are making a comeback and can provide a groovy background for your screen prints. When printing on tie dye shirts, it’s important to choose designs that complement the complex patterns and colors. Simple, bold graphics usually work best.

Finding the Right Printer

If you’re not doing the printing yourself, look for a local screen printer with experience in printing on tie dye. Searching for “t shirts screen printing near me” can lead you to nearby experts who can help you achieve the look you want.

Preparing Your Shirts for Screen Printing

Before printing, shirts should be properly prepped to ensure the best possible print quality. This includes:

  • Pre-washing: To remove any residual shrinkage or sizing.
  • Ironing: To create a smooth, wrinkle-free surface.
  • Choosing the Right Inks: Some fabrics may require specific inks or additives to ensure proper adhesion and colorfastness.


Choosing the right shirt for your screen printing project is crucial. Whether you opt for the classic feel of 100% cotton or the modern touch of a poly blend, the key is to select a shirt that complements the look and feel of your design. By considering the factors mentioned and selecting one of the top 10 shirts for screen printing, you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning, long-lasting custom apparel.

Remember to partner with a skilled screen printer if you’re not printing yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for their advice on the best shirt for your specific project. Happy printing!

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